Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's cold outside!

The weather is turned and we are looking at a lot of cold precipitation for the next week. Yesterday I managed to get the yard mowing finished and it looks like that was a good idea. The best thing about the mower is that it sucks up the leaves and mulches them up. No raking! As much as I enjoy the wood stove burning inside, and the cozy feeling that brings, I do miss the sunshine and playing outside.

Work last week was really slow and I was able to do house stuff. This evening we are replacing some outdoor lights that are in bad shape and I'll be finishing up an ornament later. The stitching is all done, now I just have to do the assembly and finishing work. That's the not-so-fun part. This ornament will be for the EGA Christmas exchange. Then I need to stitch two more for family gifts and I'll be done for the year. I'll see if the mood hits and start working on an ornament for JCS. There's no guarantee that they'll ask me, it's always an honor when they do, but I'd like to be prepared with something special. Just in case :-)

Hubby has a five day weekend (woohoo!) and this means a very special treat for me - stitch group! The local yarn/needlework shop has a Thursday morning stitch group and I miss them terribly. It has been months since I was able to spend time with them and it will be great to catch up with them all. They embraced me when we moved up here and have been very supportive and encouraging. It will be refreshing to have some adult time with them. When my mom lived here she would babysit each Thursday and I would get to enjoy their friendship. It was good. On Saturday is an EGA ornament class and it's an all day event. Again, the ladies have been wonderful and made me feel so welcome. Lately I have had so little time to stitch I am going through withdrawals. I hope to enjoy the cold winter nights with a cup of tea in one hand and needle and thread in the other.