Friday, July 17, 2020

New Charts are ready!!!!

It has been a doozy of a season, for these past couple of weeks. Hottest temps of the year in Texas and we helped my in-laws move to a town 4.5 hours away. It went as smoothly as possible, everyone safe and kept hydrated, but it was a lot of work. Kind of makes me rethink the things I'm holding onto for our next move ;o)

God has sent us some special surprises each week. I love turtles. We go on walks each day, making our trek by drainage ditches and creeks, looking out for the little shelled wonders. Out of the blue, we had a turtle show up in our yard that is in a very traditional neighborhood and surrounded by houses and fences and lots of pavement. Then it was a family of ducks, the parents and ten little ducklings. From my research, it was a family of black-bellied whistling ducks. So cute! They spent the weekend in our yard and our neighbor's, until we rigged the fences so they could figure out how to get out on their own. Next was the not-so-cute visitor - a chicken snake. This critter managed to wind himself up in the garden netting. He was so tightly coiled, all knotted up in the netting and not letting me see his head to see if he was venomous or not (and seriously, I was okay with calling in extra help with or without venom), so I called in local animal services and they came right out and set him free (in property far, far away).

Now the only chicken currently on the property is me. Our newest guests are two monarch caterpillars. They have devoured the parsley in the garden, cocooned themselves on the side of our planters, and I hope we will get to see them emerge as beautiful butterflies. In all of the challenges of these times, we are seeking out the little joys.

I do have four new release charts , each one focused on inspiration, hope, and things not of this world. I think I'll bring some sassy back in the next batch, but for now I was clinging to the comfort of scripture and hymns. Each one is part of a series.

MBT-254 Grace
This is a companion design to MBT-097 Peace and MBT-197 Love. The model is stitched on 32 ct. country french linen, Cafe Mocha, with Gentle Art Sampler Threads. I love their blues! Frame is by East Side Frames.

MBT-255 Quaker Rejoice
This is a companion design to MBT-076 Quaker Seasons, MBT-082 Quaker Harmony, MBT-186 Quaker Peace, MBT-227 Quaker Endurance. It features scripture from Psalm 118:24, This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. This verse is such an encouragement that rejoicing is a choice, even in the hard times we can seek out gladness. The model is stitched on 32 ct. country french linen, Cafe Mocha, with Weeks Dye Works threads. Frame is by East Side Frames.

MBT-256 He Leadeth Me
Another design in the hymn series and I couldn't stop singing! The model is stitched on 28 ct. Picture This Plus cashel linen, "Wren" (an amazing color!), with Weeks Dye Works thread. Frame is by Green Tree Gallery.

MBT-257 Straight Paths
This is a companion design to MBT-251 Trust in the Lord Proverbs 3:5. I used different fabric and thread to show how just changing the colors can change the feel of the design. If you want a true companion you can easily go with the fabric and thread from either design - or your own selection! The model is stitched on 35 ct. Weeks Dye Works linen, Linen, with Weeks Dye Works thread. Frame is by Mainstays (yep, I found it at Walmart and it was $5).

My final offering for this batch of releases is the bee-utiful thread keep! This thread ring is available in several colors, has a honeycomb and bee charm, and there is even a matching thread hopper also available (this is available with or without the thread keeper). Colors shown are topaz, green, dark purple, garnet, sapphire.
Praying many comforting x's for you and a great time of reflection (and distraction!) in the art we love.

Friday, July 3, 2020

July new accessories

Summer is upon us and things feel so strange this year. That feeling of being disconnected and trying to make sure and reach out to reconnect. We are praying for all and grateful to know that there is hope. Being shut away, you would think that I've had oodles of time to create. Well... I have!  :o) I've been working on new thread keeps and this post will feature those. Look for new chart releases to come out in a couple of weeks. There will be four new inspirational and scripture based designs, including a new hymn!

Coffee and Tea Themed Assorted Thread Keeps
 Inspirational Florals Assorted Thread Keeps
 Peacock Feathers Assorted Thread Keeps
 Wild Birds Assorted Thread Keeps
Each of these sets has more available than what is shown, but there are just too many to picture them all. I love beads :o) I'm always glad to see about expanding them into a set with a fob, needle minder, pins, needle threader, etc.

I think that is everything for today. Be safe, be well, love those around you and find ways to support one another with kindness. And eat chocolate.