Wednesday, February 5, 2020

New releases for February 2020

Didn't I tell you that new releases would be coming soon?!? They are officially released! This batch of designs has been a lot of fun. I say that every time, but these were just a joy and each one is a part of my life.

MBT-244 Time to Stitch ~ A Serenity-ish Prayer
"God grant me the ability to stitch the stash I have, to have the stash I want, and the time to stitch it all." This is what stitchers know to be true - we can have great peace through the art that we love. Model stitched on Picture This Plus 32 ct. Belfast, "Sand," with Gentle Art Sampler Threads. Frame #175901 is by Green Tree Gallery and currently available at Hobby Lobby.

MBT-245 Dog Crazy
I've given the crazy chicken and cat people their own designs, and now it is time for the dog people! I have been owned by all three :o) This adorable piece has two pampered pups accenting what we know is true - we are always just one dog short of crazy. It's nearly impossible to have too many! Model stitched on 28 ct. Jobelan, "Lambswool," with Weeks Dye Works thread. It would be easy to accent this with a little round ken button for the ball, or a bone button for their little treats, by Just Another Button Company, and make it even more adorable. Frame #1048628 is by Green Tree Gallery (spray painted brown) and currently available at Hobby Lobby.

MBT-246 He is Risen
Scripture from Matthew 28:6 is beautifully accented with floral motifs and a simple border. This is a lovely piece to celebrate the resurrection and faithfulness of God. Model stitched on 28 ct. Jobelan, "Ivory," with Weeks Dye Works thread. Frame #1206333 is by Green Tree Gallery and currently available at Hobby Lobby.

MBT-247 Through the Waters
Scripture from Isaiah 43:2 is set to a beach theme with this nautical frame and stitched accents. Model stitched on 32 ct. hand dyed Jobelan, "Queen Anne's Lace," with Weeks Dye Works thread. It doesn't use any buttons in the model, but wouldn't it be adorable with a little seagull from JABC? Frame #1208164 is by Green Tree Gallery and currently available at Hobby Lobby.

MBT-248 Losing My Mind (one stitch at a time)
HeheheHAHAHAHA. There are days when I seriously wonder where I'm losing or finding my mind through the creation of lots and lots and lots of little x's. That is why this design is charted both for "losing" and "finding" my mind. Model stitched on 25 ct. Lugana, "Antique White," with Classic Colorworks thread. Accented with little Tuscan Sun Swirly Bud button by JABC. Frame #1048586 is by Green Tree Gallery and currently available at Hobby Lobby.

I think I spent a little too much time in the frames at Hobby Lobby last month :o) So many beautiful frames! I'm already working on the next batch of releases and am just a few short weeks from ordering some custom sizes from East Side Frames. There will be a new design in the circle series, a new scripture piece from Jeremiah, a new square one from Psalms, and a new word in the floral border series. So many x's!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

New freebie for 2020

I think I say this about every new year, but I have no idea where last year went! Not only that, but where did JANUARY go?!? Doodlebug has been keeping me very busy, chauffeuring her to different piano accompaniment jobs and spending time out at a friend's ranch, grooming and training horses. It is a joy to see her figuring out her path and being able to offer gentle guidance along the way.

New chart releases will be here (soon!) but I wanted to share with you a new freebie design. It has been ages since I did one and it seemed like a fun treat.

The model is stitched on 28 ct. jobelan “Queen Anne’s Lace”, with Weeks Dye Works thread. The frame is one I had on hand in the garage and it was amazing that it was the perfect fit. There are so many things you can do with the colors, and then you can also leave off the top and bottom borders to make it a square-ish design. Ornament, maybe? Have fun! Just follow the pdf link under the picture or go to the freebie section at

Keep an eye out for a new release announcement. I'm getting ready to have five brand new cross stitch charts out!!! A couple new thread keep styles are Paris and Ruby. These match the needle minders that have been doing great in stores and are lovely little additions to your stitching stash. Now you can match them together.

Happy stitching :o)