Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Three brand new designs and... a house!

It is July, it is hot, it is the perfect weather to sit inside and stitch, but I can't... we got a house! We've been in it for just over a month, and it has been a roller coaster. There is joy in a place of our own, and a twisted satisfaction in the noise a pinecone makes when it is run over with the lawnmower. We have found all sorts of surprises, are starting to unpack things that have been in storage for 2.5 years, and are settling in.

The plan was that my office would be upstairs. Dear hubby said downstairs would be better, but I insisted. SO, upstairs went everything. The desks, file cabinets, drawers, totes, boxes... everything. He was right. There isn't enough room upstairs and it makes more sense to have it where he first envisioned it. What is sad is that he can't take joy in being right because he has the un-fun task of helping me move it alllll back downstairs! I say this in jest, he is being a great sport about my being indecisively decisive. Bless him.

NOW, on to the stitching!
MBT-198 More Than Coffee
This one really shouldn't need explanation. It shouldn't, but... My morning coffee is a very needed thing. The little jolt of caffeine brings happiness and a little extra pep. Flavored creamers are an addiction. I love my child, my husband, friends that call, people that stop by, but there is a certain added civility if it is after I have coffee. This design, when stitched on 28 ct., fits a standard 8x10 frame.
MBT-199 Christmas Pinkies VI
I see this design as a series of events. There is something for every stage - a gift, a marriage or anniversary, a child, and a memory. Included is a charted alphabet for personalizing the designs. Each one could easily be extended by adding additional blocks on each side and then you could add a name, date, year, etc.
MBT-200 Amazing Grace - How Sweet the Sound
I agree, the name is long, but I have the full hymn version of Amazing Grace, MBT-088, and a freebie with just the title. The hymn series didn't seem complete without a shortened version of this incredible song that sets my heart soaring. This left me with a quandary of how to make the name unique, but not too far out there. I do hope you enjoy it, I did. This design, when stitched on 36 ct., fits a standard 8x10 frame.

The Needlework Show is coming up again, August 1-3, and I will be featuring some new mini fobs. My new Gingher scissors, Lauren, are on order, and as soon as they arrive I will make a stunning new fob to be a perfect companion. I have been teasing about a new big design, along the lines of The Lord's Prayer and I Corinthians, and it is coming! Just not at this exact moment. Life/house/family/life/community happened and it hasn't received the attention it needs.

Thank you for stopping by to see what new stitching treasures await your needle. Things here are good, albeit physically and emotionally tiring. God is faithful to give faith, grace, and mercy, and for His strength to shine through when mine is incredibly weak. He is good.