Monday, June 4, 2012

You'd think I'd learn

I managed to find another ant hill with the weed whacker. Ack! June is here and we had a beautiful day with temps in the 90's. It's being followed by tomorrow with temps in the 50's, and a night of strong wind and dry lightening to usher in the storm. I hope the little fruits on the trees survive the storm and we don't lose all of the peaches. At least this will test out the siding and roof before the warranty expires :-)

There's a lot going on here with play dates, house stuff, and family visiting, so here is the quick version: Grandma came and left and will be back in a few weeks, dwarf African frog in the munchkin's fish tank had tadpoles (go figure!), she is also learning to ride a two wheeled bike and has the bruises to prove it, enjoying gymnastics, also playing soccer and getting ready for VBS, dropped off four new projects at the framers (new MBT's soon!!!), am stitching on another new one, learned a new bread recipe to make hoagie rolls for steak sandwiches, planning some camping trips, picking fresh sweet peas and broccoli and lettuce and strawberries, trying to get rid of a gopher in the yard (I understand the Caddyshack commercials now!), looking forward to learning how to use a steam juicer, learning to enjoy time to sit in the backyard and stare at the sky. Phew!

If you're still with me and not exhausted just reading about it - check back in a couple of weeks for preview pics! There's a fun and sweet story for one of the new designs and I can't wait to share it.