Thursday, June 19, 2014

New releases June 2014

Summer is almost officially here, the weather has been up and down, and I had the joy of stitching for an hour today! The garden is growing well and the little green tomatoes are now medium green tomatoes. Tomorrow we harvest peas, which will be tasty with dinner, and we should be able to start using the fresh onions soon. Yum! It's a lot of work to start with seeds and tend the garden, but it's nice to have home canned produce in December and fresh greens on the table throughout the year.

There are four new releases this month, and a new batch of threaders, so here we go:
Four Blooms
I have a fantastic bead supplier who got in these beautiful floral beads. I couldn't decide on just one color, so I went with four. Beads are almost as bad of an addiction as thread or scissors. They have a nifty clasp, to attached to your scissors or a chatelaine, and are super sturdy.

MBT-151 Christmas Pinkies IV
This chart has two designs that were previously released in JCS ornament and preview issues, and two brand new ones. Since the joy for me is in designing, not in finishing, I chose to use some cute little frames that I found at Hobby Lobby. 

MBT-152 Building Block Power
Here it is, the sixteenth block!!! There are only five scripture verses on this chart, but each one has great meaning. There will likely be a few more blocks in the series, so stay tuned! I don't have too much more wall space where that series is hanging, but I can wiggle in a few more ;-)

MBT-153 Hens and Chicks
It's no secret that we have chickens. We currently have 13 hens, 7 laying and 6 pullets, all different types, and I'm often found in the yard, talking to them and singing (please, don't commit me!). It started with 2 little bantams, a used coop, and a "Chickens for Dummies" book, and it has turned into a big flock and a fun coop that hubby built last year. When asked what color I would paint the coop, a few things went through my mind. I could be conservative, and paint it to match the house. I could be traditional, and paint it barn red. When asked what I woudl choose if it could be any color I wanted, I chose purple. DMC 3041 purple. WDW Purple Haze purple. With white trim. SO, with that, the coop in the chart is purple, and is named "The Egg-plant," and I fully encourage you to change it to the color of your coop and stitch in your coop's name (an alphabet is provided). The three eggs in the picture are from our hens - Goldie (bantam) laid the small one, Black (Ameraucana) laid the blue one, and Zebby (barred rock) laid the tan one. No hens were harmed in the making of this chart.

MBT-154 Not How Many You Finish
Another not-so-secret secret... a lot have stitchers have a LOT of projects started - AND NOT FINISHED!!! I have a box of decade-old WIP's, and I'm not ashamed. I had every intention of finishing them, but life happened, and so did new projects. For those of you in the same spot as me - unite! It's NOT how many are finished, it IS how many you start. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! hehehe

Now we return to life as normal. School is going well, ups and downs, but still glad for the journey we are on as a family. We still have studies during the summer, but we also do more play dates and fun outings. God is there in the sunshine and the storm - I'm choosing to see the rainbow and jump in the puddles.

Monday, June 9, 2014

My very first needlework

A few weeks ago, my mom sent my daughter the most delightful little package. It had pictures from her last trip here (the real, printed ones!), an empty photo album, sugary treats, and this:

My very first needlework. Can you tell that I was quite the french knot expert? hehehe.

It's officially summer here because it's getting too hot to want to be outside in the afternoon. Today I spent most of the afternoon braving the sun, getting cover pictures done for new releases! There will be four new charts out in a few weeks. One of these charts is the much sought after, sixteenth Building Block. For those of you (and me!) who want a 4x4 grid of these designs on their wall, or a quilt, or wall hanging... you'll have it in a few weeks. Please promise not to throw scissors at me when I release the seventeenth.

Our chicks have officially turned into pullets, and have joined the hens in the big coop. There have been few pecking order issues, and when they free range during the day, then tend to keep to their separate groups. It's fun to watch them all run around the yard.

This week we are finishing up a bunch of different parts to our curriculum, and next week we will be starting new material. Third grade is almost officially done, some subjects we are solidly in fourth, and some we are moving on to fifth. It's nice to be able to go at our own pace. We've been trying to get lessons done early in the day so we can enjoy time outdoors, walking the dog. She (the dog) has determined that it is necessary to follow me around the house all day, so here is my office carpet-weight ;-)

I wish you all a wonderful week with lots of joy and peace.