Friday, July 1, 2016

New releases July 1

So much for my getting a post done every month, this year! I really had the best of intentions, but then life happens. We have had lots of family visits, many cabin projects, and many attempts to find a new home (still trying!). I finally gave in and ordered some stitching supplies (scissors, larger qsnaps,  thread, fabric, etc.) because I have given up on getting to the stuff in storage any time soon. It was fun to get a box with some stitchy goodies.

On to the more important things... new designs! I have four of them for July 1. I'm getting better at doing my own framing, which is a plus, but I still miss my framer in Boise. The website isn't updated yet, due to a technical glitch between the chair and the keyboard (technically, it's me!), but I'll keep working on it and you can enjoy them from here, for now.

MBT-178 Jesus Paid It

"Jesus paid it all, all to Him I own, sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow"
Another hymn has been added to the series, and I love the frame that I chose for this design. It is from Michael's, a standard 8x10, and I used thread colors to best accent the grey in the lacy trim.

MBT-179 I'm a Stitcher

"I'm a stitcher ~ and I hoard
can't even close the closet door
under the bed, in the drawers
taking over all the floors
fabric, buttons, scissors too
pins and needles, less won't do
charts & threads, here & there
it's overflowing everywhere
I should stop, I really should
but do not think I ever could
I'll stitch it all before I die
it may kill me, but I'll try
I'm a stitcher ~ and I hoard
to stitch an x is my reward"

This poem was so much fun to write, and I can't read it without smiling and starting to giggle. Sometimes there is a complete giggle fit! The large design is stitched on 28 ct. jobelan, Star Sapphire, but I also wanted to show the design in more neutral colors

so I designed the ornament. Both stitch up quickly and are very cute. Frame by East Side Frames.

MBT-180 Today's Storm

"Today's storm doesn't compare to tomorrow's sunshine"
I've had some of *those* days, when it seems hard to remember that there is so much beyond the little frustrations and struggles. Moments when I need to reflect on learning and growing through the experience, and not just try to muddle through, reminding myself that there is a bigger picture beyond the raindrops. Fits 5x7 frame.

MBT-181 Lost My Horse

"I'm not sure if I found a rope or lost my horse"
And then there are these kinds of days! Oh, to be younger and have all of my brain cells again. I tell ya, there have been weeks lately when it feels like a constant come and go and not enough time for anything! A funny note on this one: the first rendition of the bandana was styled differently, and hubby teased that he thought it was panties. Fits 5x7 frame.

There have been so many adventures over the past couple of months. We had a mouse in the house, and not one kept in a cage as a pet. I started by noticing its 'trail' in the kitchen one night, and then it ran across the doodlebug's bedroom. She runs upstairs, hollering with all sorts of drama, and the cat just sits on the bed, watching the circus. The cat was totally useless. I think she figured it was a toy for her amusement. She wouldn't be on the floor with it, but watched it from the counter, table, bed, or chair. Useless!!! We set out traps, and I ripped apart the kitchen to clean out every drawer and cabinet. It's final act, to irritate me further, was to die under the kitchen cabinet, in an area that we would have to cut apart with a saw to access. Wasn't that thoughtful? (insert eye roll) The hens have decided that the forest is their playground, so they don't get out of the coop as often as when they stayed close. I get tired of hiking all over five acres to find them, and we have coyotes that have been active in the day so I can't let them roam. Doodlebug, being who she is, looked up the definition for "doodlebug," and inquired as to why I was calling her ant larvae. Now I just call her "ant larvae" so as to eliminate any confusion. Yes, I understand that I am not to provoke my child to anger, but it is entertaining ;-) She is still leading worship at church each Sunday, learning lots of new hymns and worship songs, and did great at her recital. She had four pieces and they were all wonderful.

That's life! I'm off to try and remedy the technical web issue (more coffee for the glitch in the chair?) and get the site updated. There may not be enough coffee in the house, today...