Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Oh, drool.... scissors

There is something to be said for a good pair of scissors, and it is even better if they are beautiful! Gingher has released their Sawyer scissors, and they are stunning in person. I was planning on red, but they are the most lovely shade of ruby. The leaf detail on the white background has an amazing simplicity, which I have matched with both a long and short fob. The fobs are Ruby Lyre and Petit Ruby Lyre, and are a perfect adornment to Sawyer.
 What made the week even better is that in the same box with my Saywers, was a brand new pair of ring lock scissors! These are my absolute favorite scissors for every day use. I have a couple of pairs (in storage) and decided that since it has been almost TWO YEARS since my plans of being settled in my own home in a couple of months, I was going to treat myself to scissors. More scissors. They are a great weight and pivot so nicely. I have them dressed up with a fob from the Funky Chunky Minis III set. Sadly, since my cat is a fob thief, I can't keep them on there or I will spend more time hunting down my scissors than stitching.
Also, keeping me busy, are custom needle minders. This is Flossie, available through The Heart's Content, and she is a lovely little stitcher. I pictured her with the Sawyer items because they were on my desk already, but isn't she adorable?
Charts, you ask? Oh, yes, stitching!!! That little thing that I do during guitar and piano lessons, or for the fifteen minute chunk during the day that I can grab between playing with beads, housework and the cat getting into everything? Well, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that update. I will have four new designs going live on September 1. I might decide that I want to sleep in until six tomorrow, so keep an eye on the website tonight if you want first glimpse!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Needlework Show

So... I'm a little late on letting you know that the August 1-3 Needlework Show has started, is going, and it's the last day! I have a few new accessories featured there, in addition to the most recent chart releases. The most fun accessory is the new Dragon Delight set. The colors are very different from what I have done before, and just scrumptious for the fall.The matte beads with Swarovski accents and a dragonfly theme all fit together so beautifully.
 Also released is our third set of Funky Chunky minis! This line of fobs use more unique beads that won't be around forever and are a so much fun to play with. I think my favorite from this set is the purple one. Or the yellow flower rainbow bead one. Or the ladybug. Or the soft aqua.... Let's just say I like them all.
And why have I been so distracted, you ask? Summer camp! The doodlebug headed off to her first ever week of summer camp. I don't know whether I should dance or cry, so I'm doing both. The house is so quiet, without the piano or guitar going, and the dog is completely lost without her here. I've also been swamped with custom stuff for shops (accessory sets for clubs, custom needle minders and tags... so much fun!) and grateful for each project that keeps my hands busy and allows for so much creativity in my days.

Now I am off and working! I do have to vacuum, but only so I can lay out fabrics to figure out materials for a new design. I *should* have three for September 1 release, and maybe four. Definitely two. MBT-182 is already formatted and ready to print, and will be a companion piece to "Saved by Grace" and "Walk by Faith." MBT-183 is almost finished being stitched, and would be done if I wasn't being so finicky about the color layout. It is a whimsical saying about kids and the messes they leave. I'm convinced that the doodlebug marks her territory with books and hair ties. The frame for that one is on order with East Side and should head this way this week. MBT-184 is awaiting my attention for materials, the frame is already here, and MBT-185 is still in my head. I'm hoping to find design time in the next few days. Maybe I can coax is out with coffee and chocolate.

Many hugs and prayers to you, for peace and joy in the midst of struggle, laughter during the times of sorrow, and love when we are feeling unlovable.