Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 2015 New Releases

With the craziness of the past year, I never imagined that I would have another set of releases so soon. What is even MORE amazing is that I already have four designs lined up for September (I haven't, however, lined up the time to STITCH them!). I would like to introduce you to the four latest releases to the My Big Toe Designs line of counted thread designs:

MBT-162 For God So Loveth
Where do I begin with this design?!? I have always wanted to do something more with John 3:16. It was part of an ornament I designed for JCS, and became a Christmas Pinkie, but it cried out for something bigger. I found a 8x20 frame at the not-so-local craft store, and that was the beginning. Next came the colors, and I wanted to do something inky and dark. What came about was four shades of GAST thread on Lakeside Linen fabric, with the black frame and many hours of stitching joy. 

MBT-163 Building Block - Heal 
 Oh, no, I've ruined all of the quilt plans!!! I'm sorry, so sorry, but with some significant encouragement I just had to add to this line of designs. Everyone was so excited when I reached sixteen blocks, because it made sense for a quilt or wall hanging arrangement, and now I've added number seventeen. I guess now I'll have to add at least three more to the line...

MBT-164 I Fail at Flowers
Blame the adorable JABC buttons for this one, and my lack of gardening space. As we are in our temporary home, in the middle of the forest, it doesn't make financial sense to build a deer proof garden for just this season. Plant flowers. Deer eat flowers. Plant veggies. Deer eat veggies. I never remember to water anything in a container, but the weeds are plentiful! The top of this design has the most beautiful arrangement of flowers and the cute little ladybug. The bottom of this design is more my reality, with dandelion weeds, flies and ants. It fits a 5x7 frame.

I was sooo excited to design this piece, and started it with an 8x10 frame in mind that I already had on hand. The frame is beautiful, rustic deep red, and would have been perfect... then life happened. I wasn't paying attention, I designed the border to be a bit too large. Of course, I didn't realize this until the stitching was complete, I was happy dancing, and I went to lace it onto the foam core. AAACCCCKKKK!!!! With a panicked call to my framer in Boise, she made it all better. A series of text messages, pictures of possible frames, and two possibilities were sent this way for me to get the piece framed. I can't say enough wonderful things about Debbie, at Finishing Touch Framing in Boise, who went in on her holiday weekend to take care of me. 

All of the details (fabric, counts, thread, etc.) can be seen at and you can order through your favorite LNS!

For the rest of life stuff... we are still in transition. I think transition is our new state of being! I can look back at the discomfort and honestly say that staying in my comfortable world would have kept me stagnant. My passion, and desire to serve, would have been stale, going nowhere, and I would have passed that ease on to the munchkin. There are things I miss (my chicken coop, all of the yummy things we planted and grew, most of my household that is still in storage, friends...), but we have gained so much that is not of this world. 

The doodlebug had her end of year piano recital, this past month, and it was amazing. I love listening to her pursue her passion in music. She played three pieces: Beethoven's Fur Elise, a very complicated and flowing version of In Christ Alone, and A Time Forgotten. She was playing with the big kids, who were nearing the upper levels of high school, and it was amazing to see the contrast between her, the barely four foot something young girl, and the young man who played before her who was over six feet tall! She continues to play monthly at the retirement home, and weekly at church, and is sharing a lot of joy. Her current piece is Reverie, by Debussy, and she is on page four of five. Hopefully it will be mastered in the next few weeks and ready for her next recital. 

Enjoy your summer, have fun with family and friends, and give a little encouragement to someone who needs it. You never know the impact God will have on a life when you let Him use you.