Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home from Texas

This past week we took a trip down to Texas to visit both of our families. It was a good time, but too short. I consider the many blessings - easy flights, no injuries, incredible food - and look forward to making the trip again. My biggest dread were the airports, but everyone was kind, professional, and understanding of a traveling family and all that goes with that. We were able to visit 3 Stitches, in Spring, and I did a little stash shopping. The scissor addict that I am, it was necessary to pick up a couple novelty pairs. We met with my old stitching group for a time of feast and fellowship, went to the Houston Zoo, the Butterfly Museum, and chased chickens and fed cows at the grandparent's farm. The chickens were so much fun that I think we're going to add them to our lives this spring!

Just before we left, there was a flurry of excitement as Gingher released a new pair of scissors to the Joann's stores. Her name is Jennifer, and she has a funky paisly swirl with the colors of deep indigo, black, green, and all shades of blues. A fob has been created for her, both a long and short version, and they are available to order through your favorite LNS. The standard charm on them is a swirly star, which is a great accent to the swirly design, and the end beads match the deep blue of the scissors.
Last month, there was the release of Gingher's Emily to the local needlework shops. She is white, shades of pink, and black, and perfectly paired with a cute flower charm on both the long and short fobs. As always, if you want a loop on the end instead of a clasp, so you can put it on your 8" shears or your rotary cutter, I am happy to do that. 
I stitched very little on the trip, but did work some on the "Books of the Bible" short version for the 2013 trunk show. I need to get it to the framer this week - I've got a lot of x's to go! I'm also working on the next hymn piece, and love the colors that it will be worked with. The next cutsie design - don't love the colors I picked as much. I may need to order some different ones... Things to ponder.

 Thank you to our veterans, their families, and those who love them. Your sacrifices are appreciated more than I could put into words.