Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Beautiful new fobs and chatelaines

I've been trying for months to get together some new chatelaine offerings, as well as a new Funky Chunky mini fob set. Months!!! What happened, you ask? Spring happened. Spring. The desperate need for a garden area that is safe from deer, turkeys, and chickens. My cry out to dig in the dirt and plant seeds. It has been a crazy rush to build the structure in time for planting, but it is done! I have a (prayerfully) deer safe enclosure with nine raised beds and oodles of the most adorable little green things popping out of the soil. I even got a goat!
He's a cutie. Doesn't eat much, keeps to himself, and is very quiet. We live below the road, so everyone driving by can see just about everything we do in the yard. I move the goat from box to box so I can take joy in the expressions on people's faces while they think we have a live goat eating everything in our garden.

My update for My Big Toe is accessories!!! I have updated all of the chatelaine pictures on the website, so you can better see all of the beautiful bead colors. Three new creations have been added to the chatelaine line.
Chatelaine - Flutterby

Chatelaine - Java (matches the coffee mini fob!)

Chatelaine - Fuchsia

Also new is a set of Funky Chunky Mini Fobs. From left to right, there is a pink Hawaiian flower with a circular 'hope' charm, fall colored beads with an acorn charm, shades of blue with a circle of dolphins charm, and soft purple and green with a floral charm.

I look forward to the release of the new Ginghers and will post a pic here when I have a fob ready for them. Thank you for stopping by!