Friday, May 5, 2023

May Releases

May has come upon our household quickly! The cat keeps growing, and finding new places to adventure (top of the kitchen cabinets!!!) and doodlebug is busier than ever with her music schedule. It has been a very rainy April, and you know the saying: April showers bring May...weeds. Lots and lots of weeds. The consolation in them is that they are really green when mowed and mostly blend in with the grass. The garden has produced a solid harvest on onions, and we are waiting on the tomatoes and peppers to ripen. As long as I can keep the birds away from the grapes, we may be able to make juice this year!

Now, on to the new releases! I've been putting in stitches whenever I can, usually during the Sunday afternoon nap time. I watch movies, everyone else sleeps. It works out :o)

MBT-298 I Am With You Always, Matthew 28:20

This will be a new series of designs, with a brief scripture in the middle and a beautiful ring of flowers. The colors can be easily updated to match your mood, and they are really quick to stitch for gifts. Model stitched on 28 ct. jobelan, Lambswool, with Weeks Dye Works thread.

MBT-299 Quoth the Stitcher

This one was sooooo much fun for me. I love all things sassy and sweet, and this fits both of those! Model stitched on 32 ct. Fiber on a Whim 32 ct. Belfast, Silver Fox, with Weeks Dye Works thread.

MBT-300 I Love to Tell the Story

I had a helper while stitching this hymn. She helped pick out the fabric. She laid herself down on my threads, and was in my lap for almost every x. Cats are so helpful. Model stitched on 32 ct. Fiber on a Whim 32 ct. Belfast, Latte, with Classic Colorworks thread.

MBT-301 Mighty to Save, Zephaniah 3:17

This is a verse of great comfort me. I'm never alone, and God is strong and mighty. Model stitched on 32 ct. Fiber on a Whim 32 ct. Belfast, Affogato, with Weeks Dye Works thread.

There are also a couple thread keeps that are being added to the shop line:

Antique Ship

Doxie Delight

Our goal for the coming months is hiking. Lots of hiking. We went to Lost Maples and Enchanted Rock a couple of weeks ago and it was so nice to be out in creation. It was the perfect time of year when it wasn't too humid and wasn't too hot, and on a weekday the trails were mostly empty. We hiked back in to see Monkey Rock at Lost Maples, and me, thinking we were alone, started making the goofiest monkey sounds to embarrass the seventeen year old. We weren't alone, and the other people were recording their visit. Oops! lol 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

New for February 2023

It feels like whenever we have the start of a new year I wonder where the last one went. The past few months have gone quickly, with very few moments of quietness. Some craziness, some grieving, laughter and tears, all sorts of fellowship with family and friends, and all of it to be considered good. Lila continues to grow into the huge feet that she had, and has been taking over everything she can reach. There is nothing she considers to be off limits and no noise we can make that will deter her from getting into something. 

Doodlebug is working hard with her piano career and keeping me driving here and there. She has her license, now, (accckkk!!!) and is starting to do more trips on her own. I don't know how I'm going to handle it when she eventually leaves home - so I'm trying to be more focused on enjoying the next few years.

Now, on to all things stitchy! I have four new releases and three new thread keep and minders. They're all adorable.

MBT-294 Taste and See
Stitch count 71w x 71h
Stitched on 28 ct. jobelan, Lambswool, with Weeks Dye Works thread, framed in East Side Frames 6x6 CDBK. Companion design to MBT-233 Give Thanks to the Lord, MBT-237 Shout for Joy, MBT-243 My God and My Salvation, MBT-253 I Will Dwell, MBT-263 I Will Bless the Lord, MBT-275 The Earth is the Lord's.

MBT-295 Hope
Stitch count 99w x 59h
Stitched on 32 ct. linen, Artichoke, with Weeks Dye Works thread. Companion design to MBT-097 Peace, MBT-197 Love, and MBT-254 Grace.

MBT-296 Building Block Rest
Stitch count 126w x 126h
Stitched on 28 ct. Cashel linen, Cream, with Gentle Art Sampler thread. Companion design to (LOTS!) MBT-028 BB Love, MBT-029 BB Hope, MBT-033 BB Glory, MBT-034 BB Faith, MBT-039 BB Grace, MBT-043 BB Honor, MBT-047 BB Peace, MBT-057 BB Holy, MBT-065 BB Mercy, MBT-073 BB Pray, MBT-081 BB Reign, MBT-106 BB Joy, MBT-112 BB Truth, MBT-146 BB Serve, MBT-152 BB Power, MBT-163 BB Heal, MBT-210 BB Abide.

MBT-297 Create Beauty
Stitch count 63w x 63h
Stitched on 32 ct. country french linen, Cafe Mocha, with Gentle Art Sampler thread, framed in Signed and Numbered 4x4 circle opening, spray painted Satin Vintage Blush. Companion design to MBT-213 Choose Joy, MBT-217 Love Completely, MBT-221 Cherish Friends, MBT-225 Embrace Moments, MBT-229 Share Laughter, MBT-231 Treasure Family, MBT-239 Forgive Quickly, MBT-249 Live Peaceably, MBT-269 Count Blessings, MBT-279 Merry Christmas.

For accessories, I have three new coordinated items with a thread keep and needle minder, but you can order them separately:



It Is Well

That is the MBT world, in a nutshell! The yard is starting to grow, the garden is calling, the trees need pruning, and the sun needs to be enjoyed (only until June, when Texas gets hot and really humid). I have a few new projects already in progress and look forward to the moments of x's. Hugs to all.