Saturday, February 9, 2013

February 2013 New Designs

The new designs are officially released! Emails have been sent, auto ships have been shipped, and you are now welcome to pester your friendly local shop owner for new projects :-) Without further blabbering, here they are:

Nothing But the Blood
Stitch count: 127w x 127h
Thread by Weeks, Fabric by Lakeside Linens

Stitch All Day
Stitch count: 135w x 114h
Threads by Crescent Colours, Fabric is Jobelan

Rejoice and Be Glad
Stitch Count: 85w x 57h (fits standard 5x7 frame)
Threads by Weeks, Fabric is Cashel linen

Name of Jesus (it's finally here!!!)
Stitch Count: 238w x 390h
Threads by GAST, Fabric is Belfast linen

Thank you for letting me share in all of my happy dances! We are enjoying a beautiful day of blue skies, cold temps, and strong winds. The plus is that the wind clears out the inversion, and we can enjoy sunlight again. Munchkin's fish had babies last week - 30 little guppies. The piano is going well, and I am finding peace during her practice and a house full of melodies. Have a blessed weekend, stay safe, enjoy some stitching...