Friday, August 23, 2013

Gingher Julia's are here!

Technically, I guess they're here again, since there is another pair of Julia's already in existence, BUT the new ones are here! It was an early surprise because they're usually not out until late September. They are lovely, with lots of vibrant colors, and it was a treat to sit down with the beads today to make fobs. The fob will be officially named "Chasing Rainbows" because of the adorable butterfly charm and the rainbow of colors.

New design releases won't be out until October, but I can share that I just dropped off the big one at the framer yesterday! I'm restitching it in a solid color silk, and then need to work on a few smaller designs. Most of life has been taken up with camping, family in and out of town, the munchkin's schooling, and the yard. Oh, the yard. Good news - canning season! Bad news - canning season! Yesterday I made a dozen jars of jalapeno jelly, and it is hot and tasty. Today was canning peaches and peach jam. Tomorrow will be apples. Monday will be pears.

Personally, it has been neat to see how God is revealing Himself each day. The past couple of months have been of new friendships, new ways to serve, and continual encouragement that this is where He has us and we need to find joy in each day, instead of trying to get through the day. He is showing me a lot of shortcomings, refining me through trial (or through seven year old), and letting me see how great He is in that He loves someone who sins so wretchedly. Lots of things to praise. He promised it's for our good, not for our comfort :-)