Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 2017 New Releases

2017... I have to remember that it is a new year. A couple of weeks ago I wrote November 2013 on a check. Think I lost a few years? This has already been an exciting year for our family. My dad was given a retirement date that was earlier than we had anticipated and they will be joining us here, in their retirement cabin, in about two weeks. Two weeks!!! SO, instead of waiting until March 1 to do new releases I have decided to start sending them out now. Without further ado, here they are:

MBT-190 Disturb Us Lord - The Prayer of Sir Francis Drake
This was my focus piece for December and January. It has been a reminder of the joy of being molded and changed over the past few years even though it has been a very uncomfortable season of life. The realization that my plans aren't what is for my good and I need to let go of that desperate need for control. I needed to be disturbed from my routine and nearsighted dreams. It was constantly on my stand, waiting for me to put in x's whenever I had a spare minute.  I simply loved working on the 36 ct. linen with one strand of GAST. The final look is so delicate and lovely. When finished on 36 ct. linen, this will fit a standard 16x20 frame. The one I used was from Hobby Lobby and only $25 after a coupon. Woo hoo! I do have to say that I would have paid just about anything to have anyone besides me do the lacing. The chart is printed with large symbols over nine pages. Thread needs are also listed for those who would prefer to stitch on 28 or 32 ct. fabric with two strands over two.

MBT-191 I Found the One
This scripture is found in Song of Songs 3:4. When stitched on 32 ct. fabric, without personalization, this design fits nicely in a 5x7 frame. An alphabet and set of numbers is included for personalizing it for a wedding, anniversary, or memorial.

MBT-192 Hope and a Future
Years (and years and years!) ago I did a design using part of Jeremiah 29:11. As of late, it has been put on me to do a full version of that scripture and I love how this one turned out. It is a companion design to MBT-183 Trust in Him. They are the same stitch count, style, and frame type.

MBT-193 Grateful Every Day
A week ago I started tinkering with a new design. It was one of those things where I could see it in my head and it came easily out onto the grid. I had the frame in mind, which made it easy to decide the size of the pattern and the colors of threads. That afternoon I started stitching and stitching and stitching. After a night of cereal for dinner, and then very few hours of sleep, I started stitching again, then lacing and framing. Within a 24 hour period it all came together, including framing and photography, and this design was born. So much fun and so little sleep! They very rarely come together like this and I absolutely smile every time I see it on the ledge above my desk. It is a reminder of the attitude I need to choose - choose gratefulness.

On the personal stuff - we're still looking for a house. It has been a very difficult winter, locals say one of the worst in fifty years, and there were many days when we couldn't get the truck out of the drive and hubby had to work from home. The dog and doodlebug loved it. There were times of beauty, when it looked like the entire world glittered and all the trees were frosted white. There were also times of "get me out of here!" New priority for a house - flat driveway :-) We have had a period of lots of rain, which has washed away feet and feet of snow, revealing the most beautiful and non-icy gravel driveway I have ever seen. I'm not-so-secretly hoping that lots of houses will be added to the market in the coming weeks. Until we find a place we will enjoy a multi-generational home with my parents and treasure the days together.

Doodlebug is heading into eighth grade. EIGHTH!!! She also has her first broken bone in the little finger of her right hand. Dodge ball. Enough said. It means a few weeks of no piano but she should be ready to go before her next scheduled concerts. Church will lose their worship lead for a couple of Sundays. It will all work out but the house is way too quiet without her music.

Thank you for sharing the joy with me in the new releases!!!