Friday, March 26, 2021

New Designs for March!

It has been a whirlwind of a month. These patterns were released earlier this month at the new online wholesale market, the Needlework Expo, and life has been so crazy that I'm just now sitting down! It has been mostly good crazy, and some crazy crazy, but that is life.

MBT-268 Communion in the Lord's Supper 
Matthew 26:26-28

This model is stitched on 32 ct. country french linen, Golden Needle, with Weeks Dye Works thread. It would be a beautiful piece to celebrate the resurrection season or as a remembrance of the sacrifice that was made. It is created in an antique reproduction style and I used thread colors that would blend together but still be unique. It would be beautiful as a monocolor design, too!

MBT-269 Count Blessings

Another in the circle series!!! I love the simplicity of the saying "count blessings." Over the past year I have tried to make that a focus in all of the challenges, remember to count the blessings. Model stitched on 32 ct. country french linen, Cafe Mocha, with Gentle Art Sampler Thread.

MBT-270 One Stitch at a Time

This one makes me smile. Take each day one stitch at a time. Sometimes my focus is only on that next "stitch" and what needs to get done, but as the big picture comes together it is a sight to behold. Other times I get so stressed by the many "stitches" to be done that I forget to just work through the next one and it will come together. Model stitched on 28 ct. hand dyed jobelan, Queen Anne's Lace, with Weeks Dye Works thread. Frame is by Green Tree Gallery #1048586 and it has (sadly!) been discontinued at Hobby Lobby.

MBT-271 Let Us Love
I John 3:18

The scripture from I John, "Let us love not in word or talk, but in deed and truth," is something I've been trying to focus on for each day. My words have value and impact, and my actions even more so. The strong border and bold colors make this a great piece as a gift for a Pastor or clergy member, or for Father's Day. It fits a standard 5x7 frame. Model stitched on 32 ct. jobelan, Lambswool, with Weeks Dye Works thread.

There are also oodles and gobs of accessories shown on the website that are new for this year. New minders and thread keeps, as well as fun fobs and pins. Have fun and let me know if there is anything I can help you find.

The rest of life here is toodling along. Doodlebug is very very active as a piano accompanist right now and the next few weeks will be a daily adventure of rehearsals with various choirs and lots of time on the road. She is starting to look towards college and career and we are doing our best to support and encourage. Things are starting to green up in our part of Texas and the peas and lettuce in the garden are almost ready to eat. We lost a few plants in the big freeze, but the pots that were moved to the garage came through so I still have my grapes growing and all of my succulents. Hubby is in prayer over a more active role in our church and has started teaching again. His passion for scripture has made the last twenty years (yes, we just celebrated our twenty year anniversary of him putting up with me!) possible. I pray for another twenty and then another twenty. My continued prayer is for wisdom on the next steps and not getting so busy with the busy that I miss the joy in the little things and the ministry in the people God puts along the path.