Wednesday, October 4, 2017

And the show is over...

I'm hanging my head in shame that I didn't get my update done the first day of the show. We had the incredible blessing of having family in town - my aunt, uncle, and grandfather came from out of state - and my time was focused with enjoying their company. It had been fourteen years since we had visited with them and it was a treasure. We have spent so many years without family close by and I am starting to get used to (and crave!) the company. SO, the show has concluded for the year, but my accessories have been flying out the door and into your favorite shop! Here are the newest additions for the accessories:
 Emoji - so many smiles! I giggle whenever I look at them. They are little but mighty.
 Specialty Wedgewood - bright and brilliant blues.
 Perfectly Pretty Pin Sets - four coordinating pins in bronze and garnet.
 Scissor Hugger - the little octopus will snuggle your scissors!
Funky Chunky V mini fob set - It's pet themed! The adorable little sleeping kitty, tweety bird, heart with best friend pawprint, and the pawprint charms are just too cute. I was feeling very multi colored when designing these so they are a beautiful variety of Swarovski crystals and glass beads.

I had fifteen minutes about a week ago and tried to put some of my design thoughts into the pattern program. It felt wonderful to be working with x's again and I really hope for a few hours of focused thought as soon as I finish catching up on Needlework Show orders. My inventory mostly held for the show, but several items were wiped out. I have trays of beads awaiting my attention with lots of fobs and chatelaines to assemble.

Today we are hosting the monthly craft group for the home school girls, again, and I am so excited to share with them in their finishes. Some have taken to it and can't wait for their next project, others  don't see this as their favorite activity, but the time together is a blast and the new friendships that are forming are a joy to behold. The moms are having a good time, too!