Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A NEW Free Chart Available at Wichelt

A wonderful August to you! Last month, Wichelt asked me to do a designer profile for their shop list, and a freebie that is to be available on their site for the next year. I have always wanted to do something smaller with "Amazing Grace," so I did! You can find the new design at www.Wichelt.com , look down the left side of the screen to find the link to the Free Graph. Then... have fun! The designer profile isn't there, but I'm able to share the questions and answers with you here:

Name: Debbie Booth
Company Name: My Big Toe Designs
Years in Business: 10 years
Years Designing Counted Cross Stitch: 10 years
Currently Resides: Northern Idaho

Favorite Wichelt fabric color right now: anything in the country French line. I love the feel of that fabric, and especially the weight of the 32 ct.

Upcoming projects: For designing, I have some ideas in my head for a new large design, scripture based, as well as lots of little designs that relate to where I am in life. There will be at least two new releases in September 2015: a new hymn and a new ornament set. The Building Block series will continue, for at least a few more blocks. With my accessory line, Gingher will soon have out their new Wren scissors, and I look forward to playing with beads and creating the perfect accents for their lovely scissors.

About Me: Our family is currently in a state of transition, between homes, and enjoying the temporary space of a cabin out in the middle of a forest. There are challenges, but mostly we are enjoying the lack of distractions so that we can focus on growing together, as a family, in our relationships with God and with each other. We home school our daughter, which gives us a lot of flexibility to help her pursue her passion in music. Most of our married life, over the past 14 years, has been without family close by, which has made us get into the community and create relationships with friends who become family that we choose. Designing has been an amazing journey, over these past ten years, that has allowed me to put to fabric, with needle and thread, what has been going on in my life. It has brought people into my life, through such a beautiful art, that have refined and encouraged me. I get to express my faith in a quiet way, that both gives me comfort and challenges me. I look forward to what is in store in the next ten years!


Now for the more personal update. It has been a hot week for us, here, but we have spent time on the water and venturing out into the woods. Many of you know that we moved last summer, and part of that move was leaving the gardens, fruit trees, grape arbor, and berries that we had planted and tended at our old house. It has been a strange year for me - not planting, not harvesting, not canning. Well, God took care of that this past weekend! We were visiting a nearby forest and found plums growing! They are these delicious, yellow, small fruits and we picked a whole bunch. The past two days were spent making plum jelly. Yum! Then, yesterday we went and picked wild blackberries. Can you guess what I did this morning? The plum is a little soft set, the blackberry is a little firm, but I got to pick fresh fruit and make something tasty! Tomorrow morning I have every intention of going to get some more plums. Stitching?!? What's that?!? Okay, okay. I am working on the next hymn in the series. There's an old rugged cross in it, but I can't share any more than that.