Saturday, November 21, 2020

New Designs!

Well, a single day was about all of the restraint I had to keep them to myself. I have issues with self control :o) The website has been updated and I'm so excited to share the new designs! Each one has a very different personality from the other, which sums up the last couple of months for me. 

MBT-263 I Will Bless the Lord, Psalms 34:1

This piece is the fourth in the square series, with a distinct fall flair because of the rich colors. The model is stitches with Weeks Dye Works thread on 28 ct. Lambswool jobelan. You could easily brighten it up to be a spring design, if that fits in better for you. The frame is by East Side Frames. 

MBT-264 The Love of God

The hymn by Frederick Martin Lehman has recently come into the spotlight with artists Mercy Me and the Gaither Vocal Band. The lyrics are a beautiful song of worship and I've highlighted the third verse and refrain. The model is stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Thread on 28 ct. Latte Country French Linen. The frame is a standard size 11x14 from Green Tree Gallery, found at Hobby Lobby.

MBT-265 Sarcasm is My Love Language    

I had to do something sassy, and I've found that with this motto there are some people in my life who experience that love far more than others. It is a very quick finish, fits in a 5x5 frame, and if you stitch it over one it could be the perfect ornament for the person in your life who needs the smile. The model is stitched with Classic Colorworks thread on 32 ct. Queen Anne's Lace hand dyed jobelan. 

MBT-266 Mightier Than the Waves, Psalms 93:4

This is a verse that I cling to during the times of struggle, when the waves are crashing and I seem to be tossed about. Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you. The model is stitched with Weeks Dye Works thread on 32 ct. Queen Anne's Lace hand dyed jobelan. The frame is a standard size 4x6 from Green Tree Gallery. 

MBT-267 Christmas Pinkies VII

I finally found my box of completed ornaments that needed to make it into a pinkies compilation! Over the past year, one of the most requested ornament patterns of mine has been "Always in My Heart." It was stitched as a memorial piece for a very dear friend who passed away. A group of us stitched it for her family members, each one with their own colors and personality, so that her husband and parents and kids each had their own memorial ornament. She is still missed. Also included in this pattern is Peace on Earth, and two versions of Nothing is Impossible. 

Now you know why I've been so excited! Each batch is a snapshot of what life is holding for me and this season has been all over the place. I currently only have one design in progress for the next batch, one in the circle series, which means time of prayer and consideration for what next needs to unfold from my needle and thread. 

This year is going to be different as far as holiday celebrations go. I pray peace for those who are struggling with solitude or loss, and that new ways are found to reach out, connect, and feel the love of fellowship from those in the families we are born into and those families that we choose through friendship.

Friday, November 20, 2020

New Pin Sets for November

Do you ever get that sinking feeling? Where things just don't seem right and you get lower and lower in this world? The air seems to go out of your sails and you feel unsettled? I'm going through that at this very moment, but not for the reason you might think ;o) My office chair is broken. It randomly decides to lose all of its height, which I definitely need to sit at my desk, and drop me six inches. I end up feeling like a small child sitting at the adult's table for the first time for Thanksgiving. I have to laugh each time it happens and think that if this is the most annoying part of the moment that I'm in, it's a good moment.

MBT stuff has been hopping! New releases have already started shipping to shops and I'll update the website and post images in a day or so. There are five new charts, all with unique personalities, so a little something for everyone. I've been working on new accessories and want to share the pin sets with you today. They've been in the trunk shows for months, but yesterday was when I finally said "get these pictures done now!" I hope you enjoy.

Strong Roots

Southwest Surprise

Fall Queen Bee

Spring In My Garden

There is a fifth set, Beach Days, and it is on my "to do" for pictures as soon as I am ready to also photograph the new Christmas specialty fobs. Each set comes packaged with the three pins together, coordinated with colors and theme, and are adorable! 

The rest of life stuff keeps moving along in our part of the world. Not literally moving, since I haven't found a house, but we are in prayer and thoughtful consideration of our next steps. As the holidays arrive I've started stress cleaning and the newest tool is a steam mop. I just used it for the first time and the floor is a little cleaner and my socks are soaking wet. 

Happy stitching to you all and see you in a few days!

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Dogs Leave Pawprints and Gingher Evelyn

 Lois, at Nedlewerkes, sent me a picture of this adorable finish last night and I just *had* to share! I love how they did the finishing!!! The pattern is MBT-172 Dogs Leave Pawprints and it was stitched for the Austitch Charity Auction with all proceeds going to Service Dogs Inc. The box is by Lone Elm Lane and I'm in awe of their creativity and the craftsmanship of the box. I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I did.

I have been busily working on accessories and sending out trunk shows to various shops. Not much stitching has been happening in my life, but I'm glad for the mild Texas temps and things that are keeping me on my toes. We're still getting fresh tomatoes from the garden and I'm treasuring each one as I know the season will soon be coming to an end. 

Gingher released their new Evelyn scissors and I have both a long and mini fob to match. Also created are oodles of coordinated accessories if you so desire to add them to your stitching stash! From left to right there are coordinated perfectly pretty pins, a regal pin that is great for stitch picking, needle threader with clasp, thread keep, matching marking pins, a thread hopper (up at the top with the two needles and corded thread), winged specialty pin, and mini fob. 

The thread hoppers/counters are hopping out of inventory and I've been refreshing things with new color combinations and new beads. I've added in some new pin sets and hope to get pictures done of those next week. This week has already disappeared from my grasp and it's only Thursday!