Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Showers...

It is still April, right? We are enjoying a beautiful month here in Idaho. Lots of rain earlier this month, but now there is a lot of green! My dining room has been turned into a greenhouse and the little plants are finally being transitioned out into the raised beds. In a week or so we should have fresh lettuce, spinach and broccoli to pick. So far this year I've been working on becoming more efficient, and I've found that there are some things that must be done in order. Like waiting until the vehicle is OUT of the garage before closing the door. Making sure the cutting board is completely IN the sink before turning on the faucet. It's the little details that seem to make everything work - and getting them in the right order!

Since we last chatted I have had a lot of great experiences for MBT. So far for 2012 I've had eight new releases and am working on another few for the fall! The Needlework Show is now in full swing and keeping me tied to the office chair. If I didn't have a cat playing with chenile stem toys under the desk, or a munchkin who is supposed to be asleep but is dancing about in her room upstairs, it would be kind of peaceful in here right now. You can view close ups of the designs at My Big Toe Designs , and I'll put my favorite two here:

I was blessed with a TNNA scholarship to attend the Phoenix Winter Show in January and share a booth with some wonderful and talented designers. The time spent meeting shop owners and distributors in person was well worth the 18 hour drive - each way. A dear friend of mine volunteered to drive me down there and help out in the booth. Another friend who lives in Phoenix was also able to help and my mom came up to watch the little one. It was a very busy time but I was able to visit Stitcher's Paradise in NV and The Attic in AZ. Both are amazing stores with oodles of stash. I could have spent days in each one. Throughout the trip God clearly revealed His purpose and I could see His hand on it all. I was keeping hubby up to date on where we were at throughout the trip. The texts were pretty entertaining:

Me: In Vegas.
Him: Don't spend it all in one place.
Me: We just left Stitcher's Paradise.
Him: You DID spend it all in one place!

It's like he really knows me!

For the next few weeks my goals are many, but mostly I want to rest and enjoy a peaceful moment each day. I'd like to start a new project (or two), clean out the rock beds on the side of the house, clean out the raspberry bushes and tidy up their vines, go through the totes in the garage and donate baby clothes (gasp! I'm ready to let it go!) and start cleaning through closets. I think I'll finish up sometime around... um... June? We won't discuss which YEAR, however :-)