Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New releases for May 2017

MBT-194 Seek the Lost
I will seek that which was lost. This design comes from scripture in Ezekiel 34:16 and it has really spoken to me over the past few months. I love the sheep buttons from JABC, but I have also included stitched sheep in the chart for those who would prefer to not use the buttons. The frame may look familiar, almost just like the "Grateful Every Day" frame. It is the same frame but I spray painted it with camo paint. 

MBT-195 Battle Hymn of the Republic
This is a new design in the hymn series. It has a bold upper and lower border and stitches up quickly. The frame is by East Side Frames and is a great accent to the stitching. 

MBT-196 Warped Humor
I have a warped sense of humor and I'm not afraid to use it. Enough said? There are days when humor is the balm that gets us through the rough parts. I've been known to be a bit off kilter (remember the skinny jeans design?) and am glad God gave us the gift of laughter. We can laugh at ourselves, our pets, our kids...

MBT-197 Love
This is a companion design to MBT-097 Peace... just 100 designs later. It has a similar border and style but is a unique creation that will look lovely on the same wall as my Peace whenever I get it out of storage.

On that note... we found a house!!! Yep, we found one!!! AND it passed inspection. AND it has wild fruit trees. Prayerfully we will close in the next month and be settled in by the middle of summer. WOO HOO!!!!! We still have to get through the appraisal and all of the paperwork, but since it passed the home inspection I am allowing myself to get excited. I have changed over to an Orofino post office box, so if you need to update the address please do so.

My Big Toe Designs, PO Box 2452, Orofino, ID 83544

Did I say WWWOOOOO HHOOOOOOOOOOOO yet? We have so enjoyed the blessing of the past two and a half years, being in transition and being worked on in our spiritual walks. Being drawn to this community and putting down roots has been amazing. It is more than I ever thought I wanted and I can't explain how much each struggle has become joy. Thank you for all of the prayers and emails of encouragement - we still need them!