Thursday, May 17, 2012

The ants go flying one by one

With all of the beautiful sunshine we've been having it's been too much fun to be outside! I'm still managing to get quite a bit of stitching done on new projects, and likely won't have the patience to wait until September to release them. So far I have two projects ready to go the framer (including the new Teach Building Block), a new hymn project just a few words from being completed, am part way through a large design, AND working on a special project with the munchkin. We're both working on perforated paper for the first time and it's a lot of fun. I can't share pictures yet, but I hope you can rejoice with me!

Garden-wise, things are going well. All of our seedlings are now outside and I have my dining room back. The plants include tomatoes, beans, peppers, onions, peas, cilantro, leeks, herbs, garlic, melons, squash, and probably more that my brain can't remember. The tomatoes are thriving outside but the green beans aren't adjusting well. Tomorrow I hope to get the cantaloupe in the ground, and then we'll continue to add new corn seeds every few weeks. One thing I learned, and think should be shared, is that ants don't like the weed whacker. It seems that when you unknowingly come upon their hill, and they go airborne, it's like they know that they weren't designed to fly and instantly bite whatever they land on. I recommend against trying that at home. I also haven't figured out if the weed barrier fabric is worth it - or if it just gives the weeds something sturdy to anchor their roots into. The good news is that all of the trees and bushes survived the winter and the strawberries are starting to come in! We should have a great almond harvest and I'm looking forward to all of the fresh berries. Yum! I'll be searching for a good steam juicer and figuring out a pressure canner this year.

We've been meeting new friends through co-op and church, and met a family who has a dozen chickens. Now I've been more seriously looking at plans for chicken coops and trying to figure out if it's a project I can tackle. It's something we have discussed for years but haven't quite made the leap. I love the idea of fresh eggs, and natural pest control (see flying ant experience above), but worry about providing the right home and everything they need. Add to that knowing how the munchkin chases around the cat and I could only hope that they'd chase her right back!

Work stuff is going really well and I feel blessed every day through emails and calls from stitchers all over the world. God knows when to send the right encouragement, new friend, or humbling note, and it has changed my life. I'm learning to appreciate the blessings of the busy times as well as the slow times.

I wish you a wonderful weekend with lots of x's, sunshine, and peace beyond measure.