Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Last new batch for 2021

 A very heartfelt December greeting to you all. It has been a bit of a crazy past few weeks and I am really behind in updating things. Good news - we found a house (again!). News - it needs work (lots!). I've traded my x's for physical labor and we are making our way through cleaning, flooring, sheet rock, painting, roofing, plumbing, electrical aaannnnd coral snakes and tarantulas. I know there is incredible beauty in God's creation, but I have a hard time finding it in things with eight furry legs or that slither. 

On that note :o) I have four new charts, new keeps and minders, and fobs to match the Gingher Rynn scissors.

MBT-281 Refuge and Strength Psalm 46:1

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. I always say that I stitch what I'm going through, and this is my life. Clinging onto the Rock of my salvation. God says He is our refuge, which means we must need one! He is always there in our trouble, which means we will have trouble! This pattern is the first in a series of at least three. All are on the same fabric, which is the most beautiful hand dyed linen by Fiber on a Whim, 32 ct. Belfast, "Affogato". The threads are by Weeks Dye Works. The most amazing frame is by Green Tree Gallery.

MBT-282 Exceptional Friends

Behind every exceptional woman is a best friend supporting her crazy ideas. I often doubt my ideas. It helps to have a best friend that is there for the highs and lows, pushing me to do better or reminding me that I can take time to breathe. My husband is the constant best friend, but there are many incredible women who are also in my corner and nudging me on - even when it seems crazy. The model is stitched on 32 ct. jobelan, "Queen Anne's Lace," with Weeks Dye Works thread. 

MBT-283 My Jesus, I Love Thee

This hymn is one that I love to sing. It reminds me of the sacrifice He made when he paid the price for my iniquity. The model is stitched on 28 ct. country french linen, "Golden Needle," with Gentle Art Sampler Thread. Frame by Green Tree Gallery.

MBT-284 The Peace of Christ Colossians 3:15

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts. This season of Christmas is a reminder for me of the birth of Christ, the celebration of His humble beginnings, and a renewed focus on surrender. Model is stitched on 28 ct. jobelan, "Ivory," with Weeks Dye Works Thread. 

For the new accessories, there are so many!

Merry Christmas Needle Minder

Reindeer Needle Minders
Gingher Rynn Scissor Fobs - full length and mini
Christmas Thread Keeps
Reindeer Thread Keeps

With all of my craziness with the house and life, these all started reaching your favorite shops a couple of weeks ago. I pray that you find peace in this season of life, joy and comfort in the art you love, and time to rejoice even when the mountain looks too high to climb. Many hugs.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

More new goodies!

 It has been a crazy few weeks (months!) and I'm woefully behind on updating everything. It's a mostly good crazy, though, and I'm grateful. The fall Expo was a couple of weeks ago and this meant new chart and accessory releases. This meant lots and lots of inventory prep so that things could quickly ship out. The Expo was a great event, lots of shop orders, and all of them have shipped and are happily in their new homes. Here is what was featured:

MBT-277 Quaker Sacrifice
This is the fifth in the Quaker Seasons series and I still love each one. There are brighter colors in this one, and more of a harvest or fall feel with the rust colored focus thread in the center, but it could easily be toned down or stitched as a monochrome piece. The scripture is from John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friend." Model is stitched on 32 ct. country french linen, "Cafe Mocha," with Weeks Dye Works thread. Stitch count is 137w x 236h. Frame by East Side Frame.

MBT-278 The God of Peace
This is also in a series, a companion to MBT-160 Walk by Faith, MBT-176 Saved by Grace, MBT-182 Love One Another, MBT-209 Guide Me in Truth, MBT-232 Wait in Hope. There is a middle focus word with a beautiful scroll detail, scalloped edge border, and elegance. The scripture is from Romans 15:13 "The God of peace be with you." Model is stitched on 35 ct. Weeks Dye Works linen, "Tin Roof," with WDW thread. Stitch count is 97w x 65h. Frame is from Walmart (seriously, I was in a crunch, life was happening, and this was available and looks great with the design!).

MBT-279 Merry Christmas
I love the circle series! This is a companion design to oodles of other circle patterns. The little Merry Christmas ornament was stitched over one, and the Joyeux Noel is stitched over two. The design is also charted for Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, and Buon Natale. Model stitched on 32 ct. country french linen, "Cafe Mocha," with Weeks Dye Works thread. Stitch count is 63w x 63h. Frame by Signed and Numbered.

MBT-280 My Cup Overflows
The fourth release is also a companion design. Scripture is from Psalm 23:5 "My cup overflows with blessing." Model is stitched on 28 ct. jobelan, "Lambswool," with Weeks Dye Works thread. Stitch count is 70w x 42h. Frame is by Green Tree Gallery. I also have this frame is a soft pink, which means there will be another one in the series! 

Now there are the accessories. So many accessories that I'm just going to highlight a few!
Pumpkin Spice Fob Pin Set  
Bees Pin Tin
Mermaid Treasure Fob Pin Set
Christmas Sheep Fob Pin Set
Fall Pin Tin
There are also other holiday mini fobs, thread keeps, needle minders... but if I put them all here then you'd have to go and get another cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a bit longer :o)

Our world continues on and we pray for hope and healing. I keep leaning on the sovereignty of God and knowing that He has it all in His hands. Doodlebug is almost of age to drive on her own (ACK!!!), and as scary as that is, there is joy in knowing she can get to her jobs (on her own!) and take on more responsibility as she grows towards adulthood. She wrote an original worship song and they sang it at church last week, which was so neat. Solid scriptural foundation, focused on Christ, giving praise to Him. I am a very proud mom. Yesterday, I sat down and was able to get a few x's into a new design. It is stitched over 3 and is keeping my brain busy. I like the look of the chunkier x's on the smooth fabric. The garden is wrapping up and we did not get much of a harvest this year. I still had fun watering each day and seeing all of the critters that made themselves at home. The frogs crack me up. The snakes, not so much. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

New Cross Stitch Patterns and Accessories!

My June releases have crept into July :o) It happens. I've been stitching in every spare moment and am so excited to share the new designs with you!

MBT-272 Be Devoted to One Another

This scripture from Romans 12:10 is one of my favorites. I know I say that a lot, but the call to honor one another above ourselves has really been on my mind for the past year as so many have struggled. The model is stitched on Picture This Plus, 28 ct. lugana, "Bramble," with GAST thread. It is a companion design to MBT-083 Be Not Forgetful.

MBT-273 It Is Well With My Soul - the full version

This piece is similar in style to the smaller design, but the motifs are different and the colors have a bit less variation. I've done this with Amazing Grace: there is the full version (088), the small version (200) and then the freebie (F08). I just love the hymns and want them to surround me! There is a lot you can do with this piece: stitch the chorus in between each verse, select the verses that you sing the most or are most familiar to you and only stitch those, play with the colors... Have fun! The model is stitched on 32 ct. Country French Linen, "Latte," with Weeks Dye Works thread. 

MBT-274 You're the Friend

This one makes me smile and giggle, and then smile some more. It is also charted for "you're the mom," "you're the sister," and "you're the grandma." The model is shown in two colorways. Both are stitched on 28 ct. jobelan, "Ivory," and with Classic Colorworks thread.

MBT-275 The Earth is the Lord's

This scripture is from Psalm 24:1. The design is a continuation in the square Psalms series and I love the little bird button! There is a charted bird, too, for those who prefer not to use the button (but he's really really cute). The model is stitched on 28 ct. jobelan, "Beige," with Weeks Dye Works thread. 

MBT-276 Every Good and Perfect Gift

I just love this scripture. Every good and perfect gift is from above, James 1:17. This is a companion design to MBT-262 Encourage One Another, but in a different colorway. It does fit a standard 4x6 frame on 28 ct. fabric. The model is stitched on 28 ct. jobelan, "China Pearl," with Weeks Dye Works thread. 

Thread Keeps Summer Ornaments

Thread Keeps Butterfly Wings

Needle Minder Lily

Needle Minder Melody

I do hope you enjoy each offering as much as I have. Life here keeps on. Hubby and doodlebug have become more involved in their positions at church and it has been good. Doodlebug, yes the sweet little girl who is growing up way too fast, has her learner's permit and is driving as often as possible. She is officially graduated (ack!) and trying to figure out her future. We still haven't figured out a house, or a town, but we know we are being used right where we are and we rejoice. 

In a few weeks I will get to attend a needlework retreat and I am so excited to see the stitchers there and be encouraged in that time together. There is a fall Needlework Expo at the end of August, and that is when I plan to have the next batch of releases. Yep, I realize it is July. I better get stitching ;o) 

Friday, March 26, 2021

New Designs for March!

It has been a whirlwind of a month. These patterns were released earlier this month at the new online wholesale market, the Needlework Expo, and life has been so crazy that I'm just now sitting down! It has been mostly good crazy, and some crazy crazy, but that is life.

MBT-268 Communion in the Lord's Supper 
Matthew 26:26-28

This model is stitched on 32 ct. country french linen, Golden Needle, with Weeks Dye Works thread. It would be a beautiful piece to celebrate the resurrection season or as a remembrance of the sacrifice that was made. It is created in an antique reproduction style and I used thread colors that would blend together but still be unique. It would be beautiful as a monocolor design, too!

MBT-269 Count Blessings

Another in the circle series!!! I love the simplicity of the saying "count blessings." Over the past year I have tried to make that a focus in all of the challenges, remember to count the blessings. Model stitched on 32 ct. country french linen, Cafe Mocha, with Gentle Art Sampler Thread.

MBT-270 One Stitch at a Time

This one makes me smile. Take each day one stitch at a time. Sometimes my focus is only on that next "stitch" and what needs to get done, but as the big picture comes together it is a sight to behold. Other times I get so stressed by the many "stitches" to be done that I forget to just work through the next one and it will come together. Model stitched on 28 ct. hand dyed jobelan, Queen Anne's Lace, with Weeks Dye Works thread. Frame is by Green Tree Gallery #1048586 and it has (sadly!) been discontinued at Hobby Lobby.

MBT-271 Let Us Love
I John 3:18

The scripture from I John, "Let us love not in word or talk, but in deed and truth," is something I've been trying to focus on for each day. My words have value and impact, and my actions even more so. The strong border and bold colors make this a great piece as a gift for a Pastor or clergy member, or for Father's Day. It fits a standard 5x7 frame. Model stitched on 32 ct. jobelan, Lambswool, with Weeks Dye Works thread.

There are also oodles and gobs of accessories shown on the website that are new for this year. New minders and thread keeps, as well as fun fobs and pins. Have fun and let me know if there is anything I can help you find.

The rest of life here is toodling along. Doodlebug is very very active as a piano accompanist right now and the next few weeks will be a daily adventure of rehearsals with various choirs and lots of time on the road. She is starting to look towards college and career and we are doing our best to support and encourage. Things are starting to green up in our part of Texas and the peas and lettuce in the garden are almost ready to eat. We lost a few plants in the big freeze, but the pots that were moved to the garage came through so I still have my grapes growing and all of my succulents. Hubby is in prayer over a more active role in our church and has started teaching again. His passion for scripture has made the last twenty years (yes, we just celebrated our twenty year anniversary of him putting up with me!) possible. I pray for another twenty and then another twenty. My continued prayer is for wisdom on the next steps and not getting so busy with the busy that I miss the joy in the little things and the ministry in the people God puts along the path.