Saturday, October 27, 2018

On the road again...

In the words of Willie Nelson... On the road again.  I just can't wait to get off the road again. Saying goodbye to another batch of friends. And I dread having to get all unpacked again.

Oh, wait, that was MY interpretation of that song based on my life experience. It's that time again - we are moving! Life is life and we have much for which to be grateful. Hubby has a severe allergy in this area of the country that is causing massive damage. It is attacking his joints and insides and has become life threatening. We figured we would have to move before next summer, but God had a very different plan. In the past four weeks we went from planning our holidays here to having our house sold and planning a move. We weren't on the market, we had barely begun to think of staging the house and readying the property, but God had a plan. In two weeks we will be making the journey back down to Texas.

I am grateful that we now know what has been causing so many issues for so many years. I am grateful that we know what to look for in doodlebug because she is showing some of the same issues. I am grateful that God is revealing the very next step we need to take (although I tend to be a five step planner so that would be helpful...). We have a rental lined up that is abundant for our needs. We will be fifteen minutes from family. There will be two amazing needlework shops within a short drive (I haven't lived by a LNS in seven years!). As doodlebug starts thinking college and career, there will be great schools in her areas of interest (concert piano, home design and animal science). 

I've been working on new designs this past month, trying to get things ready for me to stitch while we are in transition. I figured something really big would make sure that I wouldn't finish the project too soon...
I did also create three new smaller designs and already finished two of them. Now I have ideas for another small one and may try to get that ready for the move. The JCS ornament issue request came early this year and I have finished up that ornament and have it ready for mailing. From the sound of all of that stitching you would think I'm trying to avoid packing or something ;-)

All that to say I ask for your patience over the coming weeks as I am packing, shutting down for a bit, moving, and trying to resettle. MBT will be closed from November 7-21. I don't have a new work address yet but will work on that for when we get there. We are trying to spend as much time with friends and family before we leave and it is hard. So many lasts - last time leading worship at church, last time volunteering, last piano concerts, last home school PE, last time hubby preached at church, last craft group. We are going to miss so much but are trusting that there will be good in all things. They may not be comfortable things, or easy things, but ALL things work together for the good of those who believe.