Thursday, September 6, 2012

Maybe it's just me

Yesterday morning I cleaned the oven. Not just the quick wipe down of the front of it, but I took apart the front door and completely cleaned out the glass section. Is it strange that every time I've passed by the oven since then, I have had this compulsion to turn on the light and admire my handywork? Or that I'm planning meals around the microwave so the oven can stay clean?

This past weekend we spent it canning the most yummy treats. We made home made grape juice in the steamer and it is incredible. We only processed about half of the grapes on one vine and came out with 10 quarts of juice. Now for the other 17 vines.... can you guess what our days (and nights) will be filled with? It was also time for us to learn how to pressure can. I made a vegetable soup with potatoes, corn, garlic, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, soy beans, zucchini, and celery. All but the soy beans were from our own garden and it is delicious! Tomorrow I go to pick up another box (or three) of peaches so we can get those canned and ready for winter. We did have peaches off of our trees, but they were eaten fresh or went into a few pints of jam. I never imagined that I'd be able to get so much from our garden!

Now for the reason you all visit here - MBT stuff! There will be four new releases for October. The first is the Books of the Bible. It is home from the framer, but we're having a slight stain color issue on the moulding, so we're working on that. Thankfully I have a fantastic framer who is working hard to figure out how to get me the perfect frame. A second new design is a whimsical one, perfectly sassy and completely me, and it fits a standard 4x6 frame. I took the cover picture just a few minutes ago and will start printing tomorrow. The third new design is based on the Psalms. The main design is quite large, then there are three smaller designs pulled from it. The fourth new one is optimistically about 3/8 complete and I hope to work on it more tonight at the ANG meeting.

If you are going to Celebrations then I hope you will stop by the booth for the Stitcher's Workshop and browse through all of my accessories! She'll have a great assortment of all things beaded and sparkly. I wish I could attend, but Boise to St. Charles is a bit of a hike during the school year.

Have a glorious and blessed day.