Thursday, July 19, 2012

New for July 2012!

It's time to share the exciting new release pictures with you! The shops and distributor have their orders and the website has been updated. It has been a bit of insane here, with new release prep, figuring out new curriculum for the coming school year, and the yard/house, but it is all good. There are four new designs:
MBT-124 Bloom

MBT-125 How Great Thou Art

MBT-126 I Love You

There's a story to this one. The munchkin and daddy have this daily conversation of I Love You's. It starts with "I Love You", with the response of "I Love Your More." It went on this way for weeks, and then there was the addition of "I Love You Best." We decided that it had to be charted and it would be something she could stitch for his for Father's Day. Her piece was started a couple of months before the big day, and like a true stitcher is is a slooow work in progress. It will be done for Father's Day, but we won't say which YEAR. This one does fit a standard size frame!

MBT-127 Building Block - Teach

All of the fabric and thread details are at and the charts are available through your favorite needlework shop. If you get one of them finished I would love to see a picture!

We are already starting to work through new accessories for the fall needlework show. I have found a bunch of new beads and am looking at some limited run threaders with a coffee theme as well as a new cat fob and a PINK frog! This afternoon I'm pulling threads for the next cutesy design and it will be a perfect fit with the last few. Have a great weekend!!!


C Reeder PhxAz said...

How great thou art is my favorite and what a fabulous frame choice!!!

Rita said...

I love them all, Debbie!

We sure miss you down here in Texas.

Unknown said...

I love them all!!!! How Great Thou Art is my absolute favorite!!!