Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ornament Preview... Shhhhhh

This is my reality while stitching. It's the reason I end up frogging so much. It's the reason I can barely get any x's done. Her name is Bones, and she thinks she is the queen. She doesn't just do this when I'm under a deadline, or when I get a precious solid hour to sit and stitch, she does it ALL THE TIME when I have something on the couch. Her determination to keep surfaces clean means that she knocks everything to the ground - cups of water, scissors, paperclips, pens, car keys... She also steals needle threaders, thread pickers, skeins of floss... Cats!!!

The exciting news is that I'll be in the Just Cross Stitch magazines again this year! Yeah!!! It was an honor to be asked, and what started out as a single ornament turned into two, then turned into two ornaments and a Thanksgiving design. SO, later this summer, check out JCS! I'll be in three of them!

For the rest of MBT news - here's an early teaser on a release for Thursday. There will be three designs debuting at the Needlework Show, and some new froggies! The whimsical design is pet related, and soooo fits our home. You'll understand when you see it. Make sure and check out the show and check for door prizes. If you'd like to see the colors of the new hymn, here's a sneak peek:

This morning we woke up to snow, after a very chilly day yesterday. The weather is so wacky. Our chickens aren't minding it too much, and they're blessing us with about a dozen eggs per week. Grandma is visiting us this week, which is a delight, and hopefully we'll get in some good family time.

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Rita said...

Love your "helper"!

Congrats on the JCS designs. I look forward to seeing them.

I also look forward to your soon to be new release.