Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New releases... almost here!

Pleasant wishes to you from a rainy and cloudy Idaho wilderness. We have been enjoying our time at the cabin, battling colds and bronchitis, and having family visit. There isn't a house in sight for us, but we have broadened our search and will see what God reveals. In the meantime, the cabin is getting new electrical, which leaves my computer running off of extension cords from other floors. It is ALL good. Humorous, entertaining, messy, but good.

We have also had so much rain in the past few days, it has changed up my plans for cover pictures. All of my photography displays are... in storage! So it has been time to get creative. The pile of rocks that will become a drain field for the hillside... it is the backdrop in a couple of pics. My daughter's black piano bench and the yarn from her plastic canvas project... also a backdrop. It has been a treasure hunt to find ways to make it work, and I WILL make it work. 

There will be four new releases, all framed in standard size frames that I picked up a couple of months ago at Michael's. In the middle of lacing them, I called my old framer and told her how desperately she was missed, valued, and appreciated. Lacing and pinning is not my forte. But again, lemons-lemonade, rain-rainbow, puddles... nevermind, that just brings a wet dog and more laundry. Back to the new releases. There is one hymn, two scripture, and it wouldn't be me without one stitchy-whimsical-snarky-sarcastic.

Have a blessed day, full of seeking His purpose.


C Reeder PhxAz said...

So good to know you are well! Can't wait to see the releases. Thinking of you often

Robin in Virginia said...

Looking forward to seeing what you have come up with on the design front! Hmmm...sounds like a good chart idea -- lemon-lemonade, rain-rainbows, puddles...

Robin in Virginia