Thursday, April 16, 2015

2015 Spring Needlework Show... And NEW Accessories!

The Spring Needlework Show opens in just a few hours! I am excited to share with you four new accessory items. The first three are all matching, in vibrant spring colors, and a lot of fun. Check out for a lot of new designers and great projects.

Flutterby Fobs (I couldn't decide on my favorite colorway, so there are two!)

Flutterby Gift Set (packaged with the thread picker and matching pair of pins)

Flutteby Specialty Pins (packaged individually - the Hootie Pins were lonely)

The next new accessory has been quietly debuted with a designer who is using them with a class piece. Her exact pin is just for her, but I am thrilled to release these first four that are available. I can do just about any color assortment, and with any charm from my line. These four are ready now (the one on the end is dark purple and emerald)!

On the stitchy front, I am working on a new design!!!!! I don't usually have something new to stitch, so soon after chart releases, but it was bubbling in my head and had to come out on fabric. Here is the teaser: it is reproduction style, 7x19 on 32 ct., and fits an 8x20 frame that I picked up at the local craft store. The colors are all inky and dark, GAST, and shine beautifully when the light hits it different ways. I'd tell you more, but that would take some of the fun out of the anticipation!!! I'm through page one of four and will soon be heading into a band of motifs.

On the home front, I am drooling over a new cookbook and can't wait to go grocery shopping, tomorrow. It is the "Big Book of Home Cooking", by Gooseberry Patch, and oooohhhh the recipes look yummy. We found it at the farm and garden store this weekend and I couldn't resist. We still haven't found a home, but that is okay. We are still looking and the right one will make itself known. Doodlebug had a piano performance this past Tuesday, and it was amazing. It was her third time for this group, and each time the crowd has grown! She is tackling some new piano pieces: Moonlight Sonata, the first movement, and Beethoven's Pathetique. Add in the songs from Frozen and we have quite the variety!

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Robin in Virginia said...

What pretty new accessories you have created! Enjoy the new cookbook!

Robin in Virginia