Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Already? AAAUUUGGGGHHH!!!

Can anyone tell me where the past year has gone? Seriously... if you find the last twelve months that seem to have disappeared, please let me know so I can figure out where they went and how to make the time slow down!

I would like to introduce four new designs to you! There are all sorts of details at , but there are also some fun notes that don't make the chart.

MBT-166 Christmas Pinkies V
The fifth installment in this series is a set of four ornaments, and it includes a border so that you can make them all into one wall  hanging. I had time to stitch the ornaments, but not the compilation. It's cute, if that helps ;-) One of these ornaments was in JCS, and it needed a few friends. The little frames are from Hobby Lobby, and you can get them through their website (I had to!).

MBT-167 The Old Rugged Cross
This is the next design in the series of hymns. I love the image of clinging to the cross, where the One who is true and blameless took all of the punishment for me, for those who are lost and wretched. This piece ended up being shipped to my framer in Boise, and she did a great job selecting something unique.

MBT-168 Armor of God
Over the past year, this has been the most requested set of verses. The kids' club at our old church did a series on the armor of God, so it has been something I have wanted to do, but this year it all came together. It fits a standard size 8x10 frame, so it makes it a more affordable gift to put together. I did get a comment that it was a bit masculine, and that let to a girly, giggle-filled conversation about how to make it more feminine, "because a girl's gotta have her armor, too." After discarding suggestions of purple helmet feathers, blingy bead accents on the sword hilt, and other moments of fun, I think the best way to soften it up a bit would be to use a very feminine frame with big swirls and lots of detail, and leave off the straight line border so that there isn't the rigidness.

MBT-169 Retirement Planning
Yep, I have issues, BUT, almost any crafter I know can relate to this design. Quilters, stampers, knitters (don't make me open the closet doors that lead to the stash you keep with all of those beautiful colors and textures), beaders (I see you, but am then also pointing the finger at myself)... this isn't just limited to cross stitchers and needlepointers! This design, when stitched on the 35 ct. linen, fits a 5x7 frame. This color of linen is also available in 30 and 32 counts, so don't panic with the really tiny, teeny little holes.

For new accessories: there will be new ones coming! I have an entire new line of a brand new-to-me accessory that will debut at the online Needlework Show... in two weeks! (Is it really that soon... ack!!! I have work to do!!!) There will also be a new fob to match the next pairs of Gingher scissors, and new specialty pins for the holidays with matching long and mini fobs (I really, really have a lot of work to do!!!).

Life in the woods is still life in the woods. It is challenging, difficult, strange, confusing, exhausting, magnificent, faith building, beautiful, and beyond anything that my mind could have put together. A year ago this week, our old house had just gone under contract, and I was packing up five years of being settled in to a home. My plans were for a short transition, maybe a couple of months, until we found a new home of our own. Oh, boy, did God have other plans. Amazing, encouraging, growing plans. Everything that I have missed, he has abundantly provided. Church, garden, friends, design inspiration, rest (well, this on we are still working on), He has provided.

Doodlebug is doing great. Home school lessons are moving along, and she is able to pursue her passion and gift of music. She does two concerts each month, and has started regularly participating in playing piano for worship and the offering at church. PE co-op has started up again, which is a blast. Today is a bit sad, because we had to put down a beloved chicken last night, but it is a time of growing and learning.

It has been a year. We are still looking for a house, and will continue to stalk the websites for new listings. It becomes harder and harder to leave this community that we have embraced, and has embraced us in return. God will keep us here until His job for us is done, and then the path will be made clear and the right doors will open. He is good, He is faithful. He loves me in my tantrums, in my pridefulness, in my brokenness, and reminds me of His grace and mercy each day.


Robin in Virginia said...

Your new designs are beautiful. I love the Christmas Pinkies V and thrilled to see companions for Joy. I look forward to seeing your new accessories.

Robin in Virginia

Rita said...

I love the new designs!