Saturday, December 5, 2015

So I'm sort of a doofus

I sit here, working on Christmas cards, and for the first year ever I have self sealing envelops. It is such a strange process for me that I keep trying to lick over the removable paper that is covering the sticky stuff. I may change things up and let the doodlebug do the rip and stick while I stick to the personal notes.

The doofus-ness doesn't end there. When I thought through the needle minders, I was thinking of everyone using them how I do. I put them on a metal screw top in my stitching stand, on my magnet board, on the sewing machine, or on the fridge, and just about everywhere but on my fabric. You see, I am a cross stitcher, and I use qsnaps with softer fabrics. The weight of the minders can cause my fabric to be a little slack (not much, but enough), which drives me nuts (it's a short trip!), so I don't think about needing a second magnet so you can put them on your fabric. Silly me... SO, there will be a change in the packaging process and the minders will now come with a second magnet. There is a slight price adjustment, because those little magnet pieces are pricey, but it isn't too bad.
Except for that hiccup, the needle minders have been doing well. I have listed them in individual pictures on their own page at . You can see current availability, which ones are limited, and then pester your favorite shop for your favorite minder! There are some new ones, including the pink roses with music notes.

We are heading into Christmas, which tends to be our quieter time of year. We have family visit for Thanksgiving, and then it is just the three of us for the Christmas holiday. I have all sorts of design ideas going through my head, am almost done with two coordinating pieces that will just need to be framed, am almost done with a new large poem design, have a hymn in the wings, and then oodles of notes for new ideas! I joked that I wanted to be snowed in so that I could have more stitching time, but I think that may be pushing it a little far. Doodlebug wants to learn how to make a rag quilt, and to knit a small bear, and to do wool needle felting, and to paint, and play baseball, and read, and draw, and go hiking, and, and, and... This past year, we were't planning on being at the cabin for too long, so we didn't set up a tree (ornaments in storage, me allergic to pine...). This year, I think a tree is in order. We won't have the historical ornaments and all of those memories tied to them, but I think we will get a few small ones and create some new memories.


Robin in Virginia said...

Glad to hear your needle minders have been a good success for you. I love the ones I have purchased as gifts and need to purchase a few more. Enjoy your weekend!

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Did you get snowed in? I heard it snowed up there!!!