Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Oh, drool.... scissors

There is something to be said for a good pair of scissors, and it is even better if they are beautiful! Gingher has released their Sawyer scissors, and they are stunning in person. I was planning on red, but they are the most lovely shade of ruby. The leaf detail on the white background has an amazing simplicity, which I have matched with both a long and short fob. The fobs are Ruby Lyre and Petit Ruby Lyre, and are a perfect adornment to Sawyer.
 What made the week even better is that in the same box with my Saywers, was a brand new pair of ring lock scissors! These are my absolute favorite scissors for every day use. I have a couple of pairs (in storage) and decided that since it has been almost TWO YEARS since my plans of being settled in my own home in a couple of months, I was going to treat myself to scissors. More scissors. They are a great weight and pivot so nicely. I have them dressed up with a fob from the Funky Chunky Minis III set. Sadly, since my cat is a fob thief, I can't keep them on there or I will spend more time hunting down my scissors than stitching.
Also, keeping me busy, are custom needle minders. This is Flossie, available through The Heart's Content, and she is a lovely little stitcher. I pictured her with the Sawyer items because they were on my desk already, but isn't she adorable?
Charts, you ask? Oh, yes, stitching!!! That little thing that I do during guitar and piano lessons, or for the fifteen minute chunk during the day that I can grab between playing with beads, housework and the cat getting into everything? Well, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that update. I will have four new designs going live on September 1. I might decide that I want to sleep in until six tomorrow, so keep an eye on the website tonight if you want first glimpse!

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Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely scissors and the fobs you have created are super, Debbie! I am not familiar with ring lock scissors so off to do some research. I look forward to seeing your newest designs.