Monday, September 10, 2018

September New Chart and Accessory Releases

Hold onto your hats, we've got a lot of new goodies! I've been working hard on everything in life - home, family, community - and I managed to squeeze in some stitching last month. Since May I've been averaging an hour per week of time with needle and thread, and that just wasn't enough. The last week of August I set my mind to finishing up projects and ignored all things housework. My vacuum's response to that brief strike was to break the very next time I used it. Ugh! So go grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and settle in... you may be here awhile :-)

MBT-212 What a Friend We Have in Jesus
This has been my piano lesson piece. I've been working on this steadily since I designed it in April. Each week I worked in one hour of stitching, during the doodlebug's lesson, and it slowly came together. The border is beautiful and I love how perfectly it works with the frame. Fabric is by Lakeside Linens, 32 ct. examplar vintage. Thread is by The Gentle Art. Frame by Green Tree Gallery, a standard 8x10, and found at Hobby Lobby. Stitch count is 135w x 103h.

MBT-213 Choose Joy
I found these adorable round frames at Craft Warehouse in Boise, when we were visiting there last month. While going through various craft stores I've noticed a lot of round frames available so keep an eye out for those perfect finds! The thread colors are easily adjusted to match your frame and I listed different fabric count finished sizes so you can adjust it to fit your frame. Fabric is by Wichelt, 32 ct. country french linen, Mocha. Thread is by The Gentle Art. Stitch count is 63w x 63h.

MBT-214 My Soul Will Rejoice - Psalm 35:9
The past few months have brought a lot of changes to our future plans (more on that later) and this verse has been my cry. I will choose to rejoice. In the struggles and discomforts I will keep my eyes on God and know that His plan is perfect. Fabric is by Wichelt, 28 ct. hand dyed jobelan, thyme. Thread is by Weeks Dye Works. Stitch count is 69w x 69h.

MBT-215 Stash Today, Stitch Tomorrow
So many days all I get to do is look longingly at my threads and fabric and plot all sorts of creativities that can come from them, but not actually do anything with them. That has been most of my summer. There are also the times when pulling together the materials is as much or more satisfying than finishing the piece. That is this design! Fabric is by Wichelt, 32 ct. hand dyed jobelan, queen anne's lace. Thread is by Weeks Dye Works. Frame is by Green Tree Gallery, a standard 5x7, and found at Hobby Lobby. Stitch count is 97w x 65h. This is a companion design to MBT-149 The Best Things in Life.

SO... notice a theme? "What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer," "Choose Joy," "My Soul WILL Rejoice." Part of our spring was the delight of settling into our new-to-us home, building my dream garden and tending to the wonderful fruits it is producing, raising our chicken flock, and continuing to be blessed by the community in which we live. This coming year we are looking at another move, due to family health issues, and, while knowing that there is greatness in His plan, there is grief for what we will be leaving behind. Another step on a journey of faith.

Ready for accessories? There are bunches of new one (how was that for a slick change of topic?)

Rabbit Hat Pins

Floral Hat Pins

Lights of Christmas Needle Minders

Cute and Colorful Pin Set Anemone

Perfectly Pretty Pin Set Whimsy

Gingher Scissor Fob for Eleanor - Ellie's Dance and Petit Ellie's Dance

Regal Pins Angels - also in pink and purple

There are even more new accessories shown at in the What's New section, but these are the highlights! All of these are available through your favorite needlework store and I hope you find something just right for your own stash or as a gift for a friend. God bless.

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Robin in Virginia said...

Another batch of fabulous designs. I have already ordered the Choose Joy piece (and have plans for it) and may end up getting the rest soon. Your new accessories are fun. Have an enjoyable week!