Wednesday, April 24, 2019

An update on an oldie and I'll never do laundry again

I have always loved playing with colors. This is why so many of my designs have alternate color options or two different cover models. I enjoy stitching over one thread, on lots of different types of fabric. It just makes each piece more interesting to me. One thing I haven't worked on before is black fabric. Soooo, I decided to experiment. I took an older design, MBT-134 Rejoice and Be Glad, and did a little tinkering. It looks completely different and I love it!
I used 32 ct. "Chalkboard Black" linen, and Weeks Dye Works thread Parchment, Straw, Artichoke, Raspberry and Madison Rose. The frame is from Michael's (#10484379) and I like it so much that I bought a second one while I was there yesterday. The original version was done on Raw Natural Cashel linen with only four colors of thread. All this to show that you should play with your thread!
If you have seen just a small sample of my line, you know that I have a slightly twisty sense of humor. In the most recent batch of releases it was a spider design. There is nothing to fear but fear itself... and spiders. Oh, let me tell you what happened last week. Not just a spider. That I could handle with grace and dignity. Nope. It was a tarantula. In my laundry room. Inside. My. House.
There is no amount of rational argument that can make me be okay with it being inside the house. I understand they eat harmful spiders and that they are a part of creation. I get that. But inside the house? Thankfully hubby saw it first and swooshed it outside with the broom. It is their migration season and it has added a new level of paranoia to yard work.

Upcoming designs continue to progress so look for some in the not-so-distant future! I'm waiting on some new circle frames to arrive for the next two releases in that series. My hope is that they will look just as good as the other ones, but be more accessible. I did a little bit of framing yesterday and the next chicken chart is ready to go. I'm still not certain I like the frame with the next scripture word series (similar to MBT-160 Walk by Faith) so that one is just sitting on the shelf and I'm thinking on it.

Enjoy each one of those x's :o)


Robin in Virginia said...

I'm glad your husband was there to remove the spider. While they weren't in the house, we (as in I saw them and my husband did the removal) have seen 2 young snakes between the edge of our front porch and the garage pad/door.

I love your updated 'Rejoice and Be Glad'. I look forward to seeing your new circle frames. Also looking forward to the upcoming designs!

My Big Toe Designs said...

Ack! on having the two snakes that close! We used to get snakes in the garage at our Boise house. They were harmless, except for the fear of finding them when unexpected!