Thursday, June 20, 2019

More June fun!

New releases have been going well (thank you!) and life has been very busy with family, church, and VBS. I've been meaning to share some new frame options for the circle series designs. The frames I used were discontinued (aauugghh!) but I have found some beautiful round frames that are currently available (yay!!!).
Shown are two of the finishes. The bottom right, Share Laughter, is in the frame I use for the covers. The upper left, Cherish Friends, is a frame available from Inline Ovals. The frame that will fit this design in a snug way, on 32 ct. fabric, is #871 Rubbed Black 5x5. If you prefer a bit more fabric showing around the stitching, then go with the 6x6. They have different colors and finishes, and they are lovely. It is a bit wider, but it definitely makes the stitching pop!  

Other news - I'm waaaay ahead on models for new releases. I don't know that I will be able to wait until August to release them :o) What makes it worse is that I have more new designs ready to stitch and am so excited about those that I don't think I will be able to hold onto those until December!!! It has never happened before that I have been so far ahead.

A few weeks ago we went hiking in hill country and, on the way home, I had the joy of visiting Stitches From the Heart in San Antonio. This shop is amazing! They have a great assortment of my designs and I just giggled at seeing them all. Their thread selection is amazing and the variety they had in everything was so much fun. They have a stitch in every Tuesday, with lots of table space, comfy chairs, and great lighting to enjoy.
This next month I get to go to a stitching retreat and I am looking forward to the time with other people who are just as addicted to thread and sparkly things as I am. I haven't been to one in at least a decade and that was such a neat event. 

This finish was emailed to me this week from Rachel D. Isn't it lovely? She was creative with the threads and did the leaves in green. It was framed at Hobby Lobby with a scrolled molding that I think is the perfect accent. Great work!
Keep an eye out for new charts to be coming out as soon as I can't possibly stand it anymore! I'm stitching a Christmas piece with a Celtic knot style border and am determined that it be in with the next releases. Each night I just want one more stitch... 

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Robin in Virginia said...

Debbie, I love hearing the excitement in this post. I hope you have a fabulous time at the stitching retreat and hope you will share a recap of it here on your blog. Thank you for finding and sharing the information for another source for the round frames. Rachel's piece is fabulous.