Friday, July 3, 2020

July new accessories

Summer is upon us and things feel so strange this year. That feeling of being disconnected and trying to make sure and reach out to reconnect. We are praying for all and grateful to know that there is hope. Being shut away, you would think that I've had oodles of time to create. Well... I have!  :o) I've been working on new thread keeps and this post will feature those. Look for new chart releases to come out in a couple of weeks. There will be four new inspirational and scripture based designs, including a new hymn!

Coffee and Tea Themed Assorted Thread Keeps
 Inspirational Florals Assorted Thread Keeps
 Peacock Feathers Assorted Thread Keeps
 Wild Birds Assorted Thread Keeps
Each of these sets has more available than what is shown, but there are just too many to picture them all. I love beads :o) I'm always glad to see about expanding them into a set with a fob, needle minder, pins, needle threader, etc.

I think that is everything for today. Be safe, be well, love those around you and find ways to support one another with kindness. And eat chocolate.

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Robin in Virginia said...

So pretty! I'm adding eat ice cream to your list! Happy Fourth of July weekend, Debbie!