Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And a second post!

I figured out how to get back in to post an update! I think that feat deserves an extra cookie at lunch today.

Lots to do today. The online show starts in a few hours and the printer broke. This is not a happy thing, but it seems to happen every couple of years, right before the show. The project I didn't want to have to do - find a new printer - will be the chore for this afternoon. We have a dentist appointment and then will get that errand done.

This morning we started a phonics reading program and the munchkin read her first book! She has memorized books in the past, 'reading' them from memory, but this time she actually read the words!!! We had to call grandma and let her know about our excitement and read the story over the phone. It has been an exciting morning already. Tomorrow we have friends coming over for a play date and that means I have to do the most dreaded task in the world. Dust.

If you aren't familiar with the online needlework show then pop on over to and check it out! It's a wholesale trade show that has a public viewing section. You can browse through the 'booths' from the comfort of your own home and then make a wish list for your local shop owner to fulfill. It's a LOT of fun. There are door prizes, goodie bags, games, and oodles of new designs to look through!

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