Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New releases for March 2011

We're enjoying a beautiful and unexpected snow storm right now. There are huge fluffy white flakes coming down and it looks like God turned us into a snow globe! Tomorrow my mom is coming to visit for eight days and we feel very blessed by the time with family. The munchkin adores the time with Grandma, and Grandma will be someone new to read to and play with. Our sourdough starter is going in full bloom and the yummy treats that are coming from the kitchen bring out smiles every day. Eventually the neighbors are going to stop opening up their doors when I bring over the extra loaves!

There are four new releases for us this season. Each one has a very special place in my heart. The first one is "A New Day Accessory Set." This design consists of a box top or wall hanging, scissor fobs, ort box, needle book, name tag, and friendship gift. There are step by step tutorials at the website.
It has been two years since I designed and stitched the last Building Block, and it is past time that I do another one. This is the twelveth block in the series, "Joy." It really was a joy to work on!
The third new release is "The Pursuit of Happiness", a beautiful little patriotic design that has the most adorable little button accents on it. My framer did an incredible job helping me to pick out just the perfect frame to surround the red, white, and blue.

Finally, and probably my favorite in this batch, is "The Fruit of the Spirit." The joke with this one was that I just wanted to get past patience without having to frog! Thankfully each x came together through "Self-Control" and my "Gentleness" with the thread didn't have to be tested.

The website has been updated with all of these and a brand new accessory. Each will be showcased at the Needlework Show next month and is now available at your local shop. Details on the stitch count, thread used, and fabric are listed at the website.


Unknown said...

I am so excited about "Joy!" I started stitching the building blocks when my LNS (The Stitch Store in Buford, GA) had a trunk show. My plan is to turn them into a quilt. I'm not sure why, but I felt very compelled to take on this project. Once the thought got in my head, it just wouldn't go away, so I figured God had His reasons. I can't wait to see it finished!

thanks so much for these wonderful patterns :)

Shari said...

I MUST get the fruit of the spirit chart!!!! I have wanted to stitch the FOTS for a LONG time & have never found the, you have it!!!!

Ruth said...

I love the Life Liberty and Pursuit of happiness. Wht pattern is it. Do you think I ca still order it. Ruthie