Friday, January 28, 2011

The New Year is here... where did January go?

It's already the end of January and I have no idea where the month went. We started out with everyone getting the crud, spent four weeks of illness working through the house, and all of us are finally back into good health. The only bright spot of not wanting to move is that my hands still worked fine and I could STITCH! Yep, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Too tired to vacuum, throat hurts too much to cook, but never too sick to stitch.

The Building Block series will be adding a new word. It has been a couple of years since a new block was added and it's about time! The time of hunting through scripture for the perfect verses, putting them to fabric and watching it come to life, it was refreshing for my spirit. I hope to add another one this summer. This past week I decided that it was time to update the cover pictures on all of the Building Blocks. I ripped apart each frame, took out the glass, put them back together, and managed to get some beautiful new cover pics. Then I begged my framer to put it all back together again :-) Below is a sample of how much improved the pics are, you can see the rest at the website.

All dozen blocks are now back on my walls and providing daily inspiration and smiles. I still haven't gotten pictures of the chatelaines done. It's taking a top priority this weekend and hopefully the lighting will cooperate. Currently I'm stitching on ornaments for the 2011 JCS issues and trying to figure out the best way to finish them up. There are three new releases that will be out in March, possibly a fourth, but the laundry doesn't do itself and I may not be able to squeeze in enough hours in the day. With the help of caffeine I'm doing my best! hehehe

Home schooling is a daily challenge, finding the balance between being a wife, mother, house keeper, stitcher, business owner, and now teacher. Hubby decided to start teaching the munchkin about negative numbers and algebra and I just about fell over. She's taking to it, enjoying it, but it's never something that even crossed my mind to present to her. Level four readers are now being added regularly to the bookshelf and we have started independent reading with chapter books. This month without outside activities (besides Awana and church) has raised our indoor energy level and I can't wait to start swimming lessons up again next month.

A few weeks a dear friend of mine died suddenly and it has made me realize how temporary everything here is. I know she was a Christian and is in heaven now, which I can take joy and comfort in, but I still miss her. She was a huge part of my life, personal and professional, and was always an encouragement. Hug your loved ones, don't put off the email or phone call to check in on someone, smile at a stranger, help someone load their groceries... be a light. We all need a smile.

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