Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Door prizes and Needle Minders

My third post in a month! I'm trying to be better at staying on top of announcements. It occurred to me that I didn't post a picture of the beautiful new needle minder accessory! Okay, so maybe I was afraid to post a picture because inventory was being ordered as fast as I could make it. They were debuted at the Needlework Show, and did amazingly well. So well that I ran out, and spent many hours trying to get more made before the shops realized that I was in the weeds! Here are the current needle minders that are available:

Soon (when I can sit hubby down at the computer to update the website), I will have individual pictures on the website so you can see current availability. They will change, over time, and I can already tell you that I have some amazing new minder designs that are just itching to be assembled!

The show orders are mostly shipped, shops are delightedly opening their boxes of goodies, oohing and aahing over all of the lovely products from the many vendors, and I was able to sit down and draw for door prizes! There were five winners, emails have been sent to them, and I thank all of you who entered. The comments were fun to read and I look forward to sending out envelopes with treats to the winners.

Today I get to play with fabric, thread, and buttons for new designs. It is ornament season, which is always fun, and then there are the March releases that I have to start getting ready. I plan for March, and then get all excited when they are ready in January and I can't wait to release them... so I don't wait and then have to come up with more for March! We have a well being drilled, today, which means noise and mud. I think we'll stay inside...


ladyjane22 said...

So glad that the show was a success. As one of the door prize winners, I wanted to thank you, now to decide.

Tricia T said...

Oh, the needle minders! I forgot about those!! I need to find a shop with one of the owls for when I start my new chart. : ) (Thank you so much!!) I pray your well goes in smoothly!

~ Tricia

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the needle minders; so much that I ordered a couple from one of the shops participating in the online show. Look forward to seeing the new ones down the road. Glad the show was a success for you.

Hope everything goes smoothly with your well being drilled today!

Robin in Virginia