Monday, October 12, 2015

Gingher Wren Scissors and a furry pain

My beautiful scissors have arrived, and I was delighted to create a new fob to match. The newest from Gingher is called "Wren," and they are the most lovely purple. I have created both long and mini fobs, and am glad to make anything from my line to match. The official name is "Plum Crazy." As beautiful as the purple and white scissors are, on their own, I felt they needed an accent color, in addition to the two shades of purple Swarovski crystals, so they are adorned with the most lovely cherub pink frosted bead.
SO... last week I was preparing pics for the brand new top secret accessory that will be added to my line at the Needlework Show on Thursday. I was so excited to get them all done, the lighting was perfect, color was great, and then. And THEN. Cat hair. I was going through the images, cropping and editing, and in every single image there was a single black cat hair. And you know what? I left it there. I did not retake a single picture. Do you want to see the culprit? Here she is:
I ordered dog food, and in the box was an insane amount of brown packing paper. I probably pulled out a good thirty feet of the paper, set it on the bed in the loft, and someone turned it into a cozy place to sleep. Better the packing paper than my needlework, which is where she usually tries to make her bed. 

This Thursday will be the beginning of the fall Needlework Show and I do hope you'll stop by to visit all of the wonderful booths. I'm excited to be participating and look forward to showing off some new accessories!

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Robin in Virginia said...

What a cute picture you shared of the nesting kitty! I am looking forward to seeing what you have come up with for the upcoming online show.

Robin in Virginia