Thursday, September 1, 2016

Four New Designs for September!

I've been teasing about new designs, and now it is time to show you what all of the excitement is about! This month I am releasing four new cross stitch designs. All of the thread/fabric details can be found at and you can get a bit more of the personal details here.
MBT-182 Love One Another
A companion design to "Saved by Grace" and "Walk by Faith", this design has the same stitch count as the other two, 97 x 65, and fits a standard 5x7 frame. The moulding I used is by East Side Frames and I chose the fabric and thread colors to best accent the frame. This verse is from 1 John 4:7. Every day there is more strife, more anger in our world, and more opportunities to show the love of God, which is so far beyond what we can do in our humanness.
MBT-183 Trust in Him
I simply love stitching borders that become a frame for the piece. This is one of those borders with delicate leaves, beautiful flowers, which surround scripture from Romans 15:13. As our journey through the past couple of years has gone on for a bit longer than I had planned, I have been praying for peace while trusting that God has a much bigger plan than anything I could see. 
MBT-184 Kids Leave Handprints
I have a dog and a cat, hence then paw prints designs from earlier this year, and decided that the child couldn't be left out. Each day there is a trail - it is like marking territory. Hair ties, books, notes, legos, pencils, laundry, dishes... And then there are the good things. Surprise hugs, giggles that turn into snorts of hysterical laughter, smiles... This design has lots of vibrant colors that could be accented in the frame, depending on the needs for the family.  The bottom border could be lowered so that the name and birthday can be added to make this a birth announcement.
MBT-185 You are LovedThis was the final piece to come together for this batch of releases, and I just love the finished product. The thread colors are so vibrant, but this could easily be a monochromatic design. The frame is a 5x5 round tin tile style that I found at Michaels and I used the thread colors to match. This design would also be so sweet as an ornament, pin cushion, box top, or finished in many creative ways.

This summer has been one of very limited stitching time, but I am so glad with what has come together. I have already started on a piece for the next batch of releases. It is a larger design that will be a companion to my earlier Quaker series (Harmony and Seasons), which is a design that has been on my mind for years. The next Christmas Pinkies chart didn't get finished for this batch, so it will also be a project on which to work.

We continue to look for a home, but still God has not moved us forward into one. Hubby has developed some allergies that have made it difficult to be around wheat, which is pretty much the entire area where we have been looking for the past two years. So we continue to wait on Him, serve as best we can, and slowly stocking up the kitchen with gadgets we miss that are still in boxes. Two years ago I argued against getting internet set up at the cabin, because we wouldn't be here long and I didn't want to be locked into a two year contract that would mostly sit unused. HA!!! Now the contract is almost up! I never imagined on releasing a single set of releases while here, and I have spent these years pouring out my heart with needle and thread, sharing what we are going through. It has been good. It is all for our good. 

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Robin in Virginia said...

What wonderful designs you are releasing, Debbie! While I really like them all, my favorite is 'You Are Loved'. I think it will make a great companion piece to 'Always in My Heart'.