Friday, February 22, 2019

Just tinkering

It has been one of those seasons. Trying to figure out where things are at (metaphorically and literally). For example. This morning I finished up the next big design for release. Reproduction style prayer that has been often requested. I bought a frame for it before the move. It's a 16x20 frame. There aren't that many places it could be hiding or boxed or placed!!! It is likely somewhere in the garage, but at this point I'm justifying a trip to Hobby Lobby to replace it because I can't put my hands on it right now and I'm anxious to get it framed. I probably unpacked it and put it somewhere completely logical (at the time).

I've also been getting things ready for the new year of trunk shows and fun with models. I've been updating charts, correcting information for companies that have sold or moved, and playing with colors on some of my older small designs. I'll take those along as car projects. This beauty will be travelling in the 2019 trunk show:
It is MBT-213 Choose Joy, done on 30 ct. Weeks Dye Works linen with red, green and bronze threads. I wanted to show this design in a square frame, instead of the round on the model, and show how much the feel of a design can change by tinkering with the colors. The original:
The floral round series has been so much fun for me. The simple phrases reflect what I am going through and what I am holding to.

It has also been the time of preparing new inventory for the trunk shows assortments and testing out new accessories. The rabbit regal pins have been a great success and I just started working on a new pin - oh, deer!
It isn't the web ready picture but he's just so cute I had to share :-)


Robin in Virginia said...

Love the Deer pin! When will it be available for purchase? I like the square frame you used for Choose Joy. Will you share the thread colors you used in the red version? Hope the frame turns up! Enjoy your weekend!

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Really enjoyed seeing the circle piece framed square and the color change is very beautiful. I bought rabbit pins as gifts and have yet to be able to part with them! I will probably do the same with oh deer. So adorable.