Wednesday, March 6, 2019

An update to an oldie

Over the past month I have been working on updating older designs. Contact information has changed for some companies, other businesses have been sold and have new names, and fabric has been discontinued, so I figured it was time to start working on all that. I came upon one of my older designs, MBT-137 Love Always. When I designed it I couldn't decide between "Love Always" or "Love Always Hopes" for the cover model, but I had this beautiful blue square frame and that is what swayed me to Love Always. Both designs were still included in the chart, but life happened and I didn't make it back to stitch that other design for the cover. Until now.
Of course I had to tinker with it a little bit. I stitched it on 28 ct. Wichelt hand dyed jobelan, "Thyme," with Weeks Dye Works threads Grape Vine, Kudzu, and Red Pear. It perfectly fits into a 4x6 frame that I found at Hobby Lobby (Green Tree Gallery #1555218). I changed out the blue thread to brown, so that it better matched the frame. I love how this design turned out with the new colors and frame! This is the original which is on the cover:
Then there is the other fun part of work... new designs! A week ago I had this idea come to mind and it is one of those that comes together quickly because I could see it so clearly. The chart was ready, I found the threads I wanted to use and the cutest little JABCo button accent, and then it was time to drag out the fabric totes and start figuring out the right color to best highlight the threads. I wanted to start on it immediately and could barely contain myself! I turned around to look at fabric, and then this happened:
My helper happened. "Catticus interruptus" in her natural environment - on top of anything of value, or that I need, at any given moment. My new chart is underneath her, with claw punctures and all. She is ten years old and has been with us since she was eight weeks old, when the shelter released her to our waiting home. She licks my pillow at 5 am each day, to let me know she is there and that the sun is going to be up in an hour or two so it is time to start my day. She is the inspiration for quite a few of the snarky pet designs - with still more to come!

With that hint, new releases are probably just around the corner. Today I framed the final new one of four. I need to do cover pics and some formatting and printing and packaging, but look for new designs in a few weeks! There will be two that are slightly sassy, one in the circle series, and one large reproduction style prayer design that is a sight to behold.

Have a wonderful March!

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Robin in Virginia said...

I love the frame you picked for the updated Love Always (Hope). I stitched the Love Always portion in blue. I had a chuckle over the kitty picture. I look forward to seeing your new designs when you release them.